Please do click my older post entitled "SE.LAN.TA" here to refresh your mind
Shortly, SE.LAN.TA is the title of Imela Kei's (@imela_kei) first upcoming solo album since she's been devoting herself to ten2five, Indonesia's local band. "My Favorite Mistake" is her first single featuring DZEEK (@dzeeknow)
The song is about someone who's addicted to her most guilty pleasure, a denial, probably a sin which she calls "my favorite mistake"
Proud to say that I've got a chance to be involved in a video, and we just finished the second session last Thursday, May 26th 2011
 Unlike the first session when Imel had to take shots with the boys from DZEEK, the last session was just Imel and the male model. It was actually much easier because there were much less outfit \(^o^)/
I really loved it and couldn't wait to post it here! Now that i have a little spare time so lets spread this "favorite mistake" virus!!!!!

First location was the bedroom scene, Anton, the model, was wearing white v-neck t shirt and boxers while Imel was wearing lacey tanktop, short white pants and a see-through leopard pattern outerwear that i received from Cindy DIAMONDHURTS

 Second location was at the Black Studio, very private. It was only Imel and piano. She was wearing a simple black tubesuit/harem-pants that you can actually wear with flops, but to stylen it up we added a bold necklace made from bells and big belt. We actually wanted to give a dramatic accent by adding long hard tulle to give a "tail" sillouetthe but the plan was changed so we put the tulle to cover the piano's top
Here are the pictures!

The video is directed by Ricko Sandy (@RickoCoCoBi) with his team from SHROOM PHOTOGRAPHY, Buke (@buke7) and iman (@imanpradana)
MUA: Marina Sitohang
totally looking forward to see the fnal result!!!!!

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Hemraj said...

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miamanson said...

wow love the concept and the model, rockin' those photograph. love the tone of your pic. is that picture style effect?

Sari_Hime said...

Wow,so this is your job now! Wiiih, you might be really happy. Once again, "selamat ya".

Keep the spirit!

Lisa and Kirana said...

wow, suka banget sama long tulle nya kak. cool cool cool hehehe. eh blazer kakak yg di post sebelumnya super-duper-heart it!!

Sonia Eryka Moe said...

omg you're the stylist ariooo? cool! i've always wanted to be a fashion stylist x) xoxo

E-Mail said...

GREAT pictures!

Michael said...

hey ario, i actually rock that bedroom look... a v-neck white shirt and shorts and some comfy slippers. And put on a shade... im good to go. Hahaha

Having fun reading some of your posts...

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