Friday, April 29th 2011 was a day for me
There was this event held by Urban Icon and Plaza Indonesia called FASHION AFFAIR, where they presented some of the most leading fashion bloggers in town and their SS 2011 collection in an exhibition and fashion show. There were seven of them. Dewi Utari, Diana Rikasari, Heidy Kalalo, Cindy Biantoro, June Paski, Fifi Alvianto (and Hanna Faridh), and Sonia Eryka. There were also a talkshow about "hob blogging can change your style" featuring two of the most wellknown women in Indonesia's fashion industry esp. mass media, Dewi Utari and Fira Basuki
I wasn't one of the icon bloggers nor the models nor the Urban Icon's men
So why was it such a deal?
It was a big day for me because i was working as the fashion stylist together with a best mate of mine, Amril
It was our first professional working experience as a stylist ! ! !
The watches and the handbag are of course from the cool collections of URBAN ICON
The clothes were from THRUNK and ONLY I by Cindy Biantoro, which was one of the presented bloggers

It was a really fun process, great people from Urban Icon, down to earth models, super supporting designer (this goes to Cindy Biantoro) and everything was just nice and lovely

These next photos are to show that important day
May it was a start of a whole lot of our carrier :)

Backstage - where the chaos happened

 The fashion show (seq. two)

 The Designer!

we fall for DIAMONDHURTS ! ! !

 And these were me and Amril after the fashion show, mingle-ing with everyone ! ! !
ps: Diana Rikasari called me and Amril as Upin & Ipin and then i called her Kak Ros (Upin&Ipin is Malaysian Animation about a twin little boy which is very famous in Indonesia. Kak Ros is their big sister). LOL

Heidy Kalalo, Marcella Caroline, Lalita Tian, Fhenny, Cindy Karmoko, Mas Yoyo and Nada from Urban Icon, Annisa, June Paski, Sonia Eryka, Hanna Faridh, Diana Rikasari, Cindy Biantoro, Me, Fifi ALvianto, Amril Ardi

 Thank you so much to everyone who helped that day
People who came to support, Eggy Nugra, Dinda Dwibuana, Adelle Veronica !
Thank you Boki (Cindy K's bf for letting me pirating ALMOST every picture i put here) :p

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

8 comment:

Gilbert Ganda said...

gilaaa! u are so preppy! and so slim!
I don't even think I can pull off outfit like that!

ahmazinggg! :D


M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

great styling arioo... good job! kapan kapan mau ah jadi fashion stylist kaya ario.. :D

Cindy Karmoko said...

awww you two are the nicest,coolest , and funniest fashion stylists i've ever met aryo(and amril)! it was FUN!! XOXO

Sari_Hime said...

Congrats! I can not wait to see the great future of you in fashion world. hehehe

Anonymous said...

nice collections!! waww jadi mauu

Lucca Yoga said...

I really love the Blue-stripes-jacket/cardigan (I don't know what its call exactly) haha. Gorgeos.


see? you are so kuruuuus! ga pake diet2an lagi yaaa hehee :p\thanks for styling us yaaa, my superboy :*

fhenny said...

it was a great work aryo! and may it leads to another awesome styling job out there!