A late post
These were taken from the previous event with Kuningan City, "Passion For Fashion", which i had the chance to attend the photography seminar by Anthony Todd Ttyler, the infamous figure from Asia's Next Top Model judging panel
At the event, me and four other blogger fellows also had a chance to met him personally, aside from presenting our 5 minutes presentation of our own summer look *which i posted in the previous post*

The event was held in MEZZO, Kuningan City, which is also where we collect all the stuffs for our summer look presentation. Together with Bethanny Putri, Sabila Anata, Jennifer Patricia and Ariyani Sukma, i enjoyed a lovely and inspiring day with Todd Tyler

 i was wearing: // blue polka dot shirt // BLOOP purple blazer // TOPMAN floral skinny tie // thrifted shorts // ZARA loafer //

 Thank you Sabila for sending all the pictures, i leave them unedited, you can see my skin tone here! :)
Thank you Kuningan City for inviting me as one of the bloggers who participate to this 
and Thank you Mister Todd Tyler for your visit in my country, for sharing a little of your knowledge and for inspiring people to pursue their dreams

Please don't forget to chek my instagram @arioachda if you would like to see more updates :p

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

3 comment:

Mitha Komala said...

it must be fun!! :) love your floral tie and shirt omg super kecehhh

Letters To Juliet

Avellia Anwar said...

such an adorable look

and I bet you do had a a great time :)

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

Miss Aa

AuL Howler said...

looks like u got a fun time there, kak arioo.

you must be happy and proud, correct?