Blogger Yard Sale has been held for seven times until today (and maybe still counting)
Maybe you know that i only joined the 3rd and the 4th part, but been currently paying regular visit, not to actually shop, but just to meet my lovely blogger fellows
 And so i did pay another visit. This time was unintentional because i had to return Cindy DIAMONDHURTS' floppy hat that i borrowed few times before
BYS is still held for two days, back in May 27th and 28th 2011, still in MAZEE fX

Just to speak my mind and no offense to anyone, BYS is getting a little urrrmmm...errrr...monotonous (is this word appropriate enough? :p)
This time there were also Delirium by Jonathan Mulia, Lenny Agustin, and several other brands. I have no idea whether they were bloggers as well or not, which means i'm not sure either how to react about it...
But overall, it was still fun to met the bloggers :)

 totally LOVE this Heidy's necklace!!!
 this is Carl, the man who ALWAYS stands by Heidy Kalalo's side!

and here are the blogger fellows and friends

this is Amril with his junior high bestfriends. such a lovely group !! LOL
 Heidy Kalalo *always with her flawless fair skin (-___-")*
 Glinka (Gurinka Cloud) and her colorful attitude! :)
 Kak Anne - Kak Hanna - Kak Fifi, probably the most stylish women in hijab i have ever met in my life
 the super fun Chekka Cuomova in color block!!!
 the hippies Cindy DIAMONDHURTS
 me and Cindy acting stupid and candid, damn that back light!
please check my previous post, I was wearing the same top as what Imel wore !
a transparent leopard pattern top from ONLY I by DIAMONDHURTS, my current favorite item !!! :p

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

6 comment:

Cindy Karmoko said...

aryoooo i miss you!! too bad i couldn't come to the 7th BYS. amril bawa pasukan ya ke sana ahaha upinn ipiiin we should meet up!

Lisa and Kirana said...

wooooowwww, you look sooo cool with that leopard transparent top kak! you did a better job than me hehehe yeah, i do think so bys is a little bit monotonous hehehe

Lorreta F. Michelle said...

whoaaa... the doll at the 1st pic, is it a voodoo doll or something? anyway, it's so cute x)

lovely photos that you have w/ ur friends :)

thanks for visiting mine

Sonia Eryka said...

nyahaha yes, monotonous :p anyway ario dm pin bb dongski! pgn ngobrol2! :D

Sonia Eryka

fhenny said...

i have never been to bys before in my life o.o so i wonder how does change over time. but i hear a similar comment about it.

anyway i totally love the outfit and that leopard top looks awesome on you! by the way lately lagi banyak styling project ya? :p all the best ario!!


F i K a said...

ariooooo...kamu rajin amat dtg ke BYS.haha.

I agree with you about the monotonous..and also wondering did jonathan mulia and lenny agustin is a fashion blogger? :p