taken by Toge Chan
taken by Adelle Veronica

It has been almost precisely a year since Grand Indonesia Shopping Town gave birth to a baby at its  east mall that was named "Level One". It was probably one of the most anticipated and celebrated event of the year, especially by the fashion community in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Level One, which was intentionally created as a collection of concept stores in one area, brought together many uprising and super talented Indonesian designers. It is just a simple long corridor filled with lines of brands' choices on the rightt and the left side, while the middle side is spacey enough to hold a fashion show, acoustic performance or art exhibition. 

It is actually funny that to me personally, Level One at Grand Indonesia brings back the playful side of me. It reminds me to those time when i was addicted to RPG (Role Playing Game). RPG might be a very familiar term to you gamers out there. It is a genre of a game where we usually involved in a story and we have to play as the main character within. We have lines of mission to accomplish, troops to gather, evil to destroy and dungeons to explore. 

Dungeons, this is exactly where i put myself whenever i walk around in Level One. It represents the dungeons - the urban dungeon version - that i, as the player of the game, dressed in fashionized armor as a knight, monk, or maybe archer, with some stylishly sturdy allies, have to let ourselves be "trapped"  inside each stores to find hidden treasures. I'm getting excited, lets picture a giant screen of your most favorite RPG or your most imaginative creation if you never played before. Those treasure boxes might keeps a simple antidote, elixir, or mega potion to cure your dying ally! Now those stores, they can give you from the very first basic items such as a simple plain t-shirt, a nice gingham shirt, a pair of decent jeans and loafer to match, untill the very fashion forward pieces you've been drooling over for, like drapery outerwears, quirky carrot-cut pants, even shoes with cat on it that are perfect for your halloween! They also have neat choices of interior, stationary and lomo cameras to brighten up your unexpected days!! This is a pure excitement and butterflies, if you see it with different eyes.

Another great news is that Level One has extended and added some new stores. Just the right thing to do to maintain its place in its first year because we now have more  adventures, or perharps, more candy stores to get lost into (if you prefer a sweeter comparison). I think Level One is one of the most likable shopping area in town. It gives us a believable standard of how Indonesian fashion should be. Please do notice that most visitors of Level One are so dressed up in lovely attire. THAT is the sign of where Level One belongs in Indonesia's fashion industry. It's been a very good baby and i'm sure that it's going to stand its feet stronger to the local fashion scenes. Level One doesn't only provide us fashion, but also style that can never go wrong.

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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GRICIA said...

Really proud with our local brand eh!

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