This post is just going to be another shameless one
http://myOyeah.com took my picture back at Brightspot Market and recently posted it on their site!
Since i'm totally free this morning, why not taking it as a dirt and post it on my blog as well? teehee

(-_-") <---- THIS is probably what you look like when you're reading this right now
(^o^) <---- and THIS is what i look like right now
It's a happy morning :)

The outfit that day was actually a very old blazer of my Dad's that i recreate with the studs. I wear it pretty often for photo's sake but it was actually the first time wearing it to a public place

myoyeah also took the picture of my best mate! *actually they interviewed him first :p*
Yes, you might see him quite often here cos i like to exploit his never-look-bad style

Amril was wearing his FAVORITE neckwear which i also really LOVE ! everyone's loving them ! ! !

These photos were taken from the yOurstyle rubric on the website
Thank you myOyeah, i love them so bad
You can see so many other guh-reat people with guh-reat style by simply clicking here
Inspiring Indonesian youth !

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

4 comment:

Anonymous said...

that blazer instantly gave me an inspiration!
I'm so gonna do a DIY blazer project like yours!

Sonia Eryka Moe said...

you two, duo dynamic! eksis! :D

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ talita: ahahaha, really??? that's cool!!! wishing u the best D-I-Y time!!! :p

@ sonia: wew, tak berbeda dengan kamu dan cindy!!! hahahaha

nadyagita said...

hi Ario! I'm your new follower and I really love your style :)
love your blazer! and your mate is awesome, love his necklace!
visit mine if you don't mind :p

la femme