Ever since 2011, one of the most leading Men's fashion magazines in Indonesia, Men's Folio Indonesia came up with a fresh rubric on its last page that is called "Men On The Street"
 MOS, as it stands for, always shows the picture of three different men with each of their own style that is taken on the street. The idea of the article is actually appreciating those men who are brave enough to look bold and bring their signature style outside the door house
Not only get to see your face (plus your style statement) in the magazine, Men's Folio Indonesia will also give you L'Occitane product (unfortunately you have to get them by coming directly to their office, which is not a really perfect icing on the cake >.<")

But anyway, a cake is still a cake, and this time the cake is mine!!!
Well, actually it's mine and the other two guys' cake as well. Teehee.
I present you "Me(n) On The Street"!!! \(^o^)/

"INFORMAL DUTY - ARIO, 22, Literature College Student - He creates a laid-back nuance yet stay stylish look by combining a short pants with a navy blue trench coat by de.cada.dia"

First of all, i was a bit intimidated since two lovely guys beside me are wearing designers item like Hermes and Loubotin, but i'm proud to say that i wear local products! navy blue trench coat by de.cada.dia, muscle tank by and bermuda shorts by SATCAS (shoes were bought at Blogger Yard Sale part 3 from Carl, Heidy Kalalo's boyfriend and the bag is my bestmate's belonging :p)
Second of all, i'm actually 23 going 24 and i have graduated from University, but i still thank Men's Folio Indonesia for adding a nice short comment for the look. This photo is actually taken from de.cada.dia photo shoot back in January. Now that i think of it, i guess there might be some more pictures from the shoot that i hope are presentable here...hmmm...lets just save that for the next post :) !!!

ps: To be the next chosen MOS, follow @MensFolio_ID or their fan page "Men's Folio" on facebook

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

7 comment:

claradevi said...

So being fashion stylist, involved in a cool video-making project, being models, invited to cool events.... and now featured in a hype magazine.
Ganteng deh Ario.

Anonymous said...

congratulation on your feature kak Ario! I really love the fact that you wore clothes local designers in that feature. And your haircut is theeeeeeee best!

Tara said...

u deserve it !!! being featured in magazine is one of my dream :)


kyaaa, kece bgt deh my boy... hehee! keep up the good work, dear <3

Lucca Yoga said...

You deserve it. That is very cool and casual.

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ devi: ahhhhhh, manis banget sih komennyaaaa, aku sampai mau menangis *drama* hahahaha. hugs hugs hugs!

@ talita: thanks a bunch talitaaa!!!! flattered and blushing!!! :p

@ tara: makasih taraaaa. u will!!!!

@ olin: i miss you damn much!!!!!!!!

@ lucca: makasih luccaaaa! :)

Dika Abriyan said...

wahh ~~ so envy kak :))