Hello friends, how have you been? Has April been treating you all well? or the April fool has twirled its curse that the rest of your April became as stupid as the first day? :) I hope not

Mine by the way, is doing okay so far. I came to @teater_enjuku 's weekly practice on Saturday these past two weeks, i even asked to be one of the judge for the role audition...it was fun and i'm honored :)
Will post more about ENJUKU more some other time
Right now i want to write about something that's been kinda bugging me for quite some time but never had a chance (or never made the chance) to write about it deeper

Two weeks ago, i was interviewed by Vania from The Pudding Monster and her friend, Kimberly. They said the interview is a school homework for Bahasa Indonesia subject
So i met the two lovely girls, and they asked me many questions, like "how did u start blogging and why? Who's your inspiration? Why you named your blog as 'mybrainmalfunction'? and other questions
Along the rest of the interview, There was one question that i've been frequently asked during an interview or daily conversation that involves blogging. 

The Q is

  "what is your suggestion and tips to all the newbies in blogsphere?"

First of all, i am humbly honored and flattered that some people even consider to have an interview session with me when i feel that i have done actually nothing matters from blogging. I don't feel like i'm in the proper position to actually give suggestions and tips to other bloggers. However, i am extremely concerned of this blogging phenomenon that is happening right here in Indonesia. I've been blogging for two and a half years and i still consider myself as a newbie, but then again, answering the question that Vania and Kimberly asked me, i think i have to spread the message to everyone out there who might be thinking to start to blog or probably just started to blog to stop the moment and RECAP the intention of why you blog

Even though there are many people who look down and underestimate us, bloggers, to me personally, blogging is a positive thing to do. It stimulates our mind to be creative. In writing, in taking pictures, in editing pictures, in illustrating, in mixing and matching clothes, in cooking, in creating origami maybe, or in anything that we like to do. So there it is, I start to blog because i want to and i like blogging. Such basic essence is forgotten by so many people who blog for fame

The other day there was this girl left a comment on my previous post. Weirdly, the comment was absolutely nothing to comment my post! It was instead, a promotion of her blog and her giveaway that she recently held. The giveaway prizes is an item from her upcoming clothing line *i can handle that* and *now THIS i can NOT handle* 50 FOLLOW BACKS to 50 profiles that SHE FEELS worth to follow ! ! !
I checked her blog immediately and it was *&*#@!&%&$#^* (censored) !!!

For reasons i am not sure of, i was furious in some way, offended, and disgusted to be frank. I even ended up bitching about it on twitter. I found it very impolite and low as those people who gain fame just because they give people bad names. So this is why i wrote this awkwardly long post, to try to give a point of view and to remind the basic intention and the purity when we do something. Do it because you feel it, because you want it, because your heart tells you to...I'm not trying to act like a smart-ass, but this is what i see and i'm relieved to finally speak and write about it. I hope you feel me...

Now, to "color" this post, i'd like to post another photo session of my style journal, wearing a gift from Helmi Hazairin (@Qumieee), a guy whose heart is in art and fashion. If you guys know a necklace brand named ENIGMA (@enigma_project) who also collaborated with PRETTY YOUNG THINGS for its neck pieces, this new line by Qumie is AMAZING as well, the name is MODIFY (@modify_)

What surprised me the most is actually the price tag of its collection is objectively AFFORDABLE
So when Qumie asked me to choose one, i was excited and thrilled. Go check check check the website and order ! ! !

 i was wearing: MODIFY patched blazer // thrifted dotted shirt // picnic bowtie // TOPMAN socks // my brother's doc-mart-sort-of-shoes // shiny gray sling-bag

 Thank you so much MODIFY, you made me close the deal with a happy thought !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

13 comment:

Cindy Karmoko said...

ooouuuch, those famemonsters need to read this post asap!! i love your outfit(as always) ariooo and that tinnie tiny red bow tie *pinch


M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

ariooo blazernya lucu !! round o glasses nya juga gak kalah lucuk... >.< hehehehhe

Hei Echa!

Lulut Marganingtyas said...

the blazer that you're wearing is my favorite of Qumie's collection. and that blazer looks so cool on you. I love reading your post, always inspiring me :)

C. Belvin said...

wow nicee jacket @@ loved this outfit :)

Caroline Robianto said...

ariooo me likey your blazer <3 and i feel ya broh! hahahah :p


AuL Howler said...

awesome blazer!

Vania Aprilia said...

whoa thanks kak :D you inspired me, really. Love the bowtie and the blazer! looking forward to talk to you more..

Pudding Monster

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing outfit as usual! Your style is an inspiration =) X


Sabila Anata said...

omg it's like u're reading my mind!! I feel the same way too for those "fame thirst" newbies...
btw Modify is yet amazing! Most of the collection are actually for men but i still can wear some of the collections too hihi
Really love the way u combined the patterns and the little bow tie really knocked off the look! >.<

okky dommy said...

why do you always look so cool??

Mitha Komala said...

i always feel irritated when people promoted their activities or anything on my post instead of commenting about the post itself, i got her comment too! so i feel you :| anyway, be that as it may.. because everything that is instant never last ;)

anywayssss.. i love your blazer and bag kak ario! the bow tie completes the whole look. you look remarkable. keep it up :D xx


kelimutu said...

Nah, I feel you kak. I also feel not appreciated when I read -that kinda- comment. I mean, I write -not just- something in my post but they comment such an absolutely not-related to my post. Kinda disappointment btw.

do you wear 2 different glasses? I noticed black when it looks from side. But it look transparent from the front. Don't wanna stop being gorgeous, huh? :p


rainbow cloud said...

aaahhhhhhh tambahhhhh keceeeeeeeeeeee:DDDD hope ull become our bryanboy& go international!!!!