What would be impossible in fashion ? NOTHING !
A chocolate for a dress ?? WHY NOT !?!
In fact, that is exactly what i'm about to open this post with! 
Andreas Odang came up with a super collaboration with Magnum in the revival night of CLARA Magazine
Turning some delicious Belgium chocolate into luxurious cocktail dress
 The dress was beautifully worn by Marissa Nasution, the brand ambassador of Magnum and i simply never thought that chocolate could go this far :)

 Andreas Odang and Marissa Nasution

Yes, i know it's fabulous but please hold on because it was just the appetizer! Thank you Magnum for inviting me and several other amazing bloggers plus giving us the chance to actually witnessed what's happening at the backstage, it was great
The night was entitled "CLARA 360 DEGREES - Revival Night", a celebration of a new spirit of new standard of creative world that CLARA Magazine is now embracing
The chocolate cocktail dress by Andreas Odang and Magnum, is just a bit piece of a lot more from the whole night
Sipping up a super delicious drink made by Magnum ice cream and taking some finger food (too bad i didn't take any picture) while excitedly waiting for the show to begin. There are three designers that evening. Andreas Odang, Kle, and Tex Saverio!

No more jabbering, here are the proof! :)

Super duper mind blowing ! ! !
It was actually an honor to be watching such avant-garde couture right in front of me, made by an Indonesian designer, i absolutely hail for Tex ! ! !

Lastly me and Heidy (Kalalo) got a small interview by Magnum team regarding *probably* their next project

 HUGE HUGS to Heidy Kalalo (and Carl, her BF), ALMOST every pictures are their courtesy!!!

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Diana caitilin said...

ya ampun super super love your new hair.potong kah?

Lisa and Kirana said...

kak ario rambutnya keren yaaa :D

Lisa and Kirana said...

HAHAHAHA aku mau banget makan dress itu. looks delicious :99

AlvianaKalin said...

yeahh hail to Tex Saverio! he is gorgeous! Ang love your look ario!


Ari Suci Rahayu said...

delicious dress
and you look so gorgeous


ARIO ACHDA said...

@ diiiyn: yes i did!!!!!! lol. i miss my old hair, actually :p miss u diiiyn!!!

@ lisa and kirana: kalian komennya misah2 ya? hahaha. makasih ya girls!!!!

@ alviana: makasih alvianaaa! i almost bite it *LOL*

@ chia: thanks a lot chiaaa!!!