Imel, the frontwoman of our local band ten2five is now coming with her first solo album, SE.LAN.TA!
Turning her name into Imela Kei (@imela_kei), she comes up with her new idealist project
New name, new image, new look and of course, new sound
7 songs with 7 different artists...7 wonders

I was a listener, turning into a calm fan, turning as a friend, and lastly turning into a co-worker
As i have posted it before here and here, i have actually worked with Imel two years in a row when she was involved as the guess star and produed all the songs of the Japanese language musical theater by ENJUKU where i was enrolled as the member (for more information about the show, please do click the link :p)

Imel might not be the most famous artist in Indonesia (yet) but i truly admire her, not only for her seriously pure voice, but also her hardwork, her attitude, her professionalism, her love to her family and everything
And to have Imel actually called me and asked me to be the stylist of her new video, FIRST solo video is an absolute honor, i instantly said "YES, I'LL JUMP IN!"

So there was the short preview of the story, and next are of course the pictures from the making of "My Favorite Mistake", the first video from SE.LAN.TA featuring dzeek (@dzeeknow), day one
The first location was the savanna. Ricko Sandy (@RickoCoCoBi), the director, wanted to get the morning sun light so we got up at 4 a.m (only 90 minutes sleep)  and then started preparing things. Seemed like it just rained so the soil was so muddy that every shoes got so dirty and Imel wore the wrong outfit! The director said that the white dress she was wearing was for the second location so she had to change inside the car. LOL

The weather was extremely hot and Imel had to wear this fur cape and black mini dress, black tights and black everything. Still, we still thank God, its wasn't the other way around 'cos it would be impossible if it rained
 wanna know what i looked like that day?
 it was too hot that i even had to cover my face or i'd pass out!!! LOL

 The second location was a lot more comfortable, it was at Tree House, Kemang
It rained heavily and air-con-ed. So we went from super heat to super freezing area (-___-")
I totally love this session because Tree House has a really cool interior (esp. when it comes in framing) and i love the classy attire for this location
Imel came up with super classic and glamorous hair do and make up with dress that shows her tattoos and dzeek were dressed up in a way that i am sure you have never witnessed before

 this is Muffin or Mamin, one of Imel's dogs. She brought him along that day :)
 That man behind is Anton, the owner of Tree House, he'll be the talent for the video -day two-
 Aaaand it's all wrapped!!! Thanks for the whole team!!!!
(minus Buyung, Imel's assistant and a great friend who took the picture)

It's not finished yet, day two (May 26th) is still waitiiiiiiiiiing
So please, keep malfunctionedly updated ! :)

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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michellehendra said...

i'm not quite a model lah! hahah i envy you.. dikelilingi orang2 kece. gw sendirian kedinginan kelaperan *lho lho lho* ga sabar balik indo yaaaa ampyunn!;)


Veren Lee said...

kereeeeeeeeeeenn-renn-rennnnn. she looks stunning,kak!
and I want to steal her dog <3

claradevi said...

Geez it's awesome to be on the project, Ario, all the best luck for you!
And you looked cute, yes, with scarf covering you face.
Hyped hyped hyped xx

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment, your blog's awesome! this looks great x

have a nice day,

Eva Ana Kazić said...

!!! <-- only thing I can say.


Lisa and Kirana said...

cool cool cool banget kak awwww ;p super-nice job kak!! eh, i LOVEEEE your scarf ;)

Zoe de gaia said...

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Cindy Karmoko said...

ARYOOOO i'm so happy for youuuuuu! makin gaul jadi stylist papan atas indonesia skarang. ahahha nanti yah aku lagi nunggu mesin jaitku selesai d service then mau bkin bunny ears yang rapiiiii banget kalo uda rapih pasti aku kasih...

Sari_Hime said...

Congrats to Imel and You!
I love the nail-art. hehehehe

ARIO ACHDA said...

thank you so much everyoneeee!!!!!!!! big hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your native heart said...

my boyfriend told me about tree house! he was meant to take me here when i was in jakarta but we didn't go. boo