It is now almost 11 pm in Jakarta. Just an hour away before new year
Most people are probably outside, together with their friends and family, carrying cameras and silver trumpets, eating snacks or grilling corns. I can hear the vibe strongly right now, people are excited, children are laughing, lighting fireworks and blowing horns

Steps away from there, i am here sitting in my bed, letting the year be changing  without any kind of noisy celebration. Not that i intend to do so, but thanks to this flu, i skipped a BBQ session with my friends...
I ended up looking at old photo album and there i found some old pictures, of me, of my mom and dad, and siblings. Stupidly, the NYE has turned out to be such a contemplation and i got a little bit emotional at the moment. To me, NYE has never felt this quiet. Here i was trying to reminisce things that happened the whole year, yet ended up reminiscing the last 24 years of my life

I miss those times when i was laughing without having to worry about work
I miss those times me and my siblings when we were just a bunch of kids
I don't really talk to them and i wish i could have turned back the time just to change few things
And i miss those times where i still could shamelessly cry to my mom everytime something's bugging me

I miss these...

 me with my X legs :)) . i always loved watching my mother putting kebaya on when i was a kid :)
 my favorite spot back then when i was probably 3 or 4? i can't remember :p
then i ate balloons and turned out  baloon-ed! hahahaha like this pic above and this one below !
 not fancy at all. LOL
 totally love this one ! i guess it's the only photo of me and my dad together :')

It is funny and somehow it choked me up to see these pictures. I'm sorry i'm being a little too virgo to be true. Got a little carried away :)
Well, now that new year is coming really close, i can only wish everyone to have the very best New Year ! ! 
May you spend new year with all your beloved ones and have all the laughs and love you can have tonight !
Lets start another journey, another  diary, another us by tomorrow
It doesn't have to be the new us, only the better us ! ! !
bear hugs

ps: December 29th is my bestmateship-sort-of-anniversary with my bestmate, Amril Ardi. HAPY BESTMATESHIP DAY! may this bond shall continue til' life itself is gone :) hugs

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

aaah i miss my childhood too! get well soon ario.. and Happy New Year 2012! wish this year will be a great year and so full with luck and prosperity :)

Charleston said...

happy new year stylish one

Cliff said...

Ahhh I love your photo with you dad, you look so care-free! :D

Cliff said...

And oh ya! Happy New Year to you! :D

AuL Howler said...

lelaki balon

so you were fat in childhood.
interesting ;))

Bruno M. said...

Thank you so much (:
God, I love your blog , happy new year and i wish you all the good :)
Congrats, you got a great photos :D

FRAN said...

First, Happy new year 2012.

Thanks for your comment in my blog, I´m pleased.

Your pictures are very sweets with your family, and when you´re a child. Fantastic.

Un saludo,

Karina Dinda R. said...

Ahh so lovely! I love childhood memory! :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

M said...

never thought you would visit my blog, coz the others never did :p
you're so nice :) :)
actually, i've been following you (unofficially) for quite long, really love your style, keren ! :D

all the best, ario
cheers ! ^-^

Ebi said...

aku baru baca deh ini dan aku jujur aku berkaca2 banget baca part terakhir yg foto sama papah <3