Imela Kei is probably one of the names i mention a lot on my blog or twitter, not because the fact that we're friends and i worked for her a couple times, but simply just because i am an admirer of her and i want the world to know more about this amazing person. Also well-known as the lead vocalist of "ten2five", she is a struggling artist, a singer, a songwriter, a wife, and a lovely "mother" of her two dogs, Muffin and Choco. 

Being in a non-label lane probably is the main reason why not many of us hear her strikes in the local music industry. However, she managed to live her dream by staying true to herself and her music. Only last Thursday, December 1st, same date as her birthday, she launched her first solo album entitled "WHITE LILIES", consists of 7 songs with 7 different artists and musicians. Not only celebrating her birthday and first "baby", Imela Kei was also raising funds dedicated to one AIDS foundation. She called it "fund raising with a musical twist experience"

Taking place at POSTE kitchen & bar, Imela Kei brought all the 7 artists, MIKE'S, AMANDA, ADITYA, MASSROMANTIC, NOTTURNO, DZEEK and THE TREES AND THE WILD, on stage and performed all the songs from the album plus another song from each of the guest stars. Boy, it was wild! She started from pop to RnB to jazz to blues, and it even goes crazier as the night went by. She sang 14 songs straight ahead with pitch perfection. EARGASM ! ! !

I have to admit that i am not a non-mainstream kinda guy when it comes to music, but i have my hats up and my hands down to this brilliant woman and i've been repeating her album eversince. Each track is distinct and powerful. "WHITE LILIES" is a proof of her honesty in music and a sound of her journey you should try to listen and feel

"Till today you will find me standing proudly and lovely"
(White Lilies)

Some crowd! Ricko "Cocobi" Sandy, Raja Siregar, Dimaz Brodjonegoro, Lala Bohang, Buke Sidharta 
Imela Kei and husband - Imela Kei and her in laws 
little personal notes! LOL 
me with my tanned tone and curves -___-"

Yes she is standing boldly proud and this album is worth to have !
Please do send e-mail to  imelakei@gmail.com or tweet to her manager @renggototwitt for order
I personally wish all the best for her and her album and to all the media out there, this is the kind of talent you should have exposed, people ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Sari_Hime said...

Happy birthday, Imel! I love her voice and songs so much! She's my idol. ^^V