Hello everyone! 
This is my first post in 2012, so i'd like to say a late HAPPY NEW YEAR!
how's your NYE? Mine was like i wrote in the previous post, i didn't go anywhere because of the flu i had
And i was shock the very next day to hear such a loss of one Indonesian's talented designer, Adesagi Kierana, a man with a signature who passed away on January 1st 2012. RIP Adesagi Kierana, may you are now in a much more beautiful place and you will not be forgotton :')


I don't wanna start the first post with all sad things, so i think i'm going to change the subject and start 2012 with an outfit post of me wearing a friend's design
LOOKBOOK Jakarta, the community that me and a couple of my friends are building, has unexpectedly led me to many great new friends. Ever since the LOOKBOOK NIGHT, which was held as the first official gathering and the launching of our community, I have been introduced to talented people, including the designers who helped us by letting their creation be worn by us that evening. It was an honor  for us to be presented on the runway, wearing Indonesia's upcoming designer's item, and it was a big honor to me personally, that i got to wear a very well-sewn shirt and trousers with a slice twist of batik as the perfect icing. The brand is called HANDGEMAAKT by Zico Halim

As much as i respect his work to preserves Indonesian culture into his designs, i'd like to share it here on my blog, so i asked him for a press release and the lookbook. Another unexpected thing happened when the designer, who has now turned into a good friend and co-worker *sometimes*,  preferred to have the collection worn by me as the promotion material on my blog. Shortcutly after i said "yes", we hit a roof top and created my own HANDGEMAAKT lookbook. I wore five to six different looks, each was styled by me and Zico, and photographed by Zico himself

Lately i've been told a lot that i'm a blogger who have to post more outfit post to add fashion ambiance into my blog. Thanks to Zico and HANDGEMAAKT, now i have more stocks of outfit to post :)

 Here i present you HANDGEMAAKT: ep. 01

Photographed by Zico / Styling by Zico and me

I really like this one. The unique hat adds a certain kind of quirky twist which i wasn't sure of but i really like how it has turned out to be. The HANDGEMAAKT ep. 02, 03 and so on are coming soon!!!!

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Anya Sinta said...

great photos n like ur shirt kak! :)

Izzaura said...

omg Ario love this style a lot!!!
so damn chic! the shirt, boots, and especially the hat went perfectly together... ♥

also awesome photo editing too :)

cheers, izzaura

fhenny said...

the outfit looks great!
apparently zico is my friend's friend haha. small world :p
and love to see the little ario on last post so cutee hahaha

style frontier

Mitha Komala said...

i love your hat, top, and shoes A LOT! they are as awesome as you are kak ario :D


Mitha Komala said...

apparently it was not your first time visiting my blog kak, you ever visited mine but it was long time ago.. in July exactly. thankyou for the comment, and yes i will consider blogging for fun now :D and ive emailed you about where the shoot on my previous post took place ;)


M said...

first photo is incredibly stunning !
love the combination between hat and shirt, they just match perfectly <3
and that necklace really spice up the look :) :)
truly ADORE !

stephanie gracia said...

nice shots, and love the hat :)

celliasaragih said...

super sluuuuuuuuuurpy ;9


Cindy Karmoko said...

arioooo i had no internet connection for 3 weeks last year(tsaaaah last year).. T__T... me miss you much, ketje banget fotonya assss always and happy new year to you too! un bacio da milano


Girl With Plastic Camera said...

akkhh!! love this outfit so much!!!

Claradevi Handriatmaja said...

Ih sumpah ya emang ganteng banget lo kalo difoto yodhaaaa...
kalo DIFOTO yah yah hahahaha
But seriously these are awesome. I'm a proud friend :)
I miss you already!!!

Christine Adelina said...

hehe I like the touch of that hat! quirky indeed! Fun but stylish.. haha~ niad bgt kak baguss