Hangin' out with friends? cool
Hangin' out with friends all in black? SUPER cool !
It was exactly what i did along with some of my blogger fellows, Chekka (Cuomova), Cindy (DIAMONDHURTS) and Sonia (Eryka). CLEAR Indonesia invited us to come to its latest event which was a part of a hip music event, Djakarta Warehouse 2011 ! !

BLACK AREA by CLEAR is an event, filled with a nice combination of futuristic STYLE ambience, with a BREAKTHROUGH digital concept and completed with spectacular MUSIC. The place was decorated mostly in black with a very cool and futuristic video-mapping at the front gate. It was really hot outside at the Djakarta Warehouse but thank the Lord the area was air con-ed. It doesn't stop right there, surprisingly there was a hair-washing station that (if you really feel like it), you can get your hair washed and done *i should have done that! :p*

BLACK AREA by CLEAR was held specifically to thank all of CLEAR user and to celebrate the success of the hair-shampoo brand ever since its relaunch back in the mid of 2011 which strengthen its position as one of the best and well-known anti-dandruff shampoo
Apart of such celebration, the event was also held to reveal who the next ambassador for CLEAR Indonesia is
People mentioned many names, but i didn't wanna hear nor believe anything until i see it with my own eyes. So there we were, all dressed up in black, witnessing Ello and Sherina (current CLEAR ambassador) hitting the stage and rocked it while we were sipping some juices and eating pies
Eversince its relaunch, CLEAR Indonesia has been very selective when it comes to choosing the right figure to be the brand ambassador. I believe we (Indonesians) have been familiar with their current ambassadors. Sandra Dewi from the acting role, Irfan Bachdim from the sports role and Ello plus Sherina from the music lane. These four people are such great role models. Not only for their good look, but they are also young, talented, and innovative in a way. In other word, such BREAKTHROUGH

As we keep on eyeing interesting spots that night, the night goes on and finally they revealed who the brand new ambassador was
Agnes Monica !
The next information will only be dedicated to foreigners who are not familiar with her name or for locals who probably never watch TV  *LOL*
Here in Indonesia, Agnes Monica is probably one of the most phenomenal names of the decade. Her carrier has been begun since she was a little girl when she started it as a singer
Agnes Monica was quite famous but still wasn't the biggest pop star when she was a kid. It was her transformation and her first "teenager" album that put her on the top list. She invented her own way of creating her image, visually and musically. Bold and controversial, but somehow, it works. She starred on many TV series, commercials, guest-starred on a Taiwan TV series, co-hosting for international event's red carpet, duet with a legend like Michael Bolton, and produced great-selling records. Her style is also one of her strongest points. Agnes does not follow the trend, she creates her own idealism world and now is famous for her own style. Her fanbase has been growing strongly since then, so are her haters probably, but one of the most inspiring thing from Agnes is her "ignorance". She knows what she wants in life, set the plans, locks the target and gives the best kick to hit the goals. If it fails, she would kick harder next time.

MUSIC, STYLE and BREAKTHROUGH. Three words that are embroidered both in CLEAR and Agnes
 Well-known for her motto "Dream, Believe and Make it happen", the new ambassador for CLEAR Indonesia then literally busy paralyzing her fans with such energetic dance and high notes as usual :)

Owh, it was a bit turn off that we weren't allowed to bring camera inside so we decided to take some pictures before we got in. Everyone was busy with their cameras, but i decided to leave my pocket inside my bag and pirate all the pictures from my friends! LOL

ZARA bowler hat // black shirt // necklace of Cindy // 16DS biker jacket // green socks and shoes belong to daddy

 Lots of people to thank!
1. Cindy and Chekka for letting me pirating their photos ! ! !
2. Sonia's dad who was super kind that we could leave our camera with him
3. Agnes Monica for tanning her skin so i didn't feel alone! LOL
4. Definitely CLEAR Indonesia for inviting us
Let us have another BLACK rendezvouz ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Herdiana Surachman

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i want to have tan skin like urs

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