"A day without pleasure is a day lost!"

So said Miss Magnum Magdalena in her accent, my new acquaintance from Venezuela


Yeah right ! ! ! *LMAO*
The name and location are totally fiction and a joke, yet the quote is not. It was MAGNUM ice cream who stated the mighty sentence, and in fact, i kinda believe the same way
As a humanbeing, pleasure is something we always seek naturally
The definition of pleasure can be really vary and subjective. Some people find pleasure in emotional balance, some other find it from beautiful things. My pleasure could be different with yours, but we all must agree that pleasure creates happiness and pleasure is exactly what MAGNUM was trying to create during their event a couple weeks ago which was named "Magnum Pleasure 365, The Ultimate Chocolate Experience"
As sweet as it tastes, Magnum invited me and a couple of blogger friends to attend the opening evening which showed a mini showcase from our 5 stellar designers, whom each of them created an outfit made from chocolate

Here are those amazing chocolate "couture" by our local designers and chocolate-coated by Andy Van den Broeck, an international chocolatier. Prepare some tissues ! !  :)

pictures are courtesy of Magnum 

Beside an almost non-stop drooling moment, I also really had a "catch-a-breathe" kinda moment whenever these models were out from backstage. My friend Adelle Veronica was in total excitement to see Tex Saverio, both creation and person, but my personal favorite of that night would be Stella Rissa's dress! I think it's really chic, modern, young, and in some way,  still look wearable :) Love it ! ! !

Owh, and these next photos are just some lovely details from their installations, you-choose-your-own-topping-magnum-booth, and urmmm... some living proof of me and my friends shameless narcissism (Yes, trust me i'm NOT alone) >.<

i was wearing PVOMO shirt // (X)S.M.L jodphur pants // online shop necklace // daddy's ankle boots
 pictures are courtesy of Adelle Veronica

We delivered our best narcissism from Paris to New York like no one watching ! (-___-)
Thank you Magnum ! 
And so the tale is finished. It was just another night, only with BIGGER pleasure ! ! ! 

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Gricia (Cia) said...

I love ur style!! Memang stylist sejati ;D

miamanson said...

cool pictures kak :)

Anya Sinta said...

sucha great event! :)

Adeline Kusuma said...

I saw your name in many local fashion bloggers's blog.finally found urs. Whoa! those photos are really amazing. Stylish <3

piapia said...

amazing event! so cool. anyway, i like your shirts! cool outfit like always :D

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

you're amazing! love your outfit!

Andi Cui said...

I just discovered your blog and it is so so so amazING!
lOVE IT SO SO much!

norafinds said...

Loving your blog. I've been trying to find an Indonesian blogger who actually gives an insight into Indo fashion and runways and not only personal styles. And I guess I've found one! Kudos to the great posts!

Following you now,

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