To be involved in a project of someone i truly admire is an opportunity i always seek in life. So is this project called 'TALKING FICTION', a new collection from ONLY I, the independent and i-don't-follow-the-trend-label of CINDY DIAMONDHURTS. I have been an open admirer since the first met, and i'm so happy to be friends with her, and even happier now that i could share a tiny bit of my thoughts and work into her project.

What i love the most from this project is the concept and the storyboard of the photoshoot. The story tales a fictionized story about  three sisters from a certain dimension who are punished by the queen because they stole three of her most precious necklaces. They then mutated to earth today and then adapt themselves with the life on earth. The element, the motions, and the wardrobe of course ! :)

Please do enjoy the lovely work from Cindy DIAMONDHURTS herself

And as these three sisters came home to their mass and space, i hope the fiction of this tale is not over and shall continue to our reality

For mor information please DO click
Thank you to all the team: Bang Imunk, Lokita, Bang Jawa, Oliver, Edu, Ode, the hair stylist (i forgot the name -____-), and the lovely models for being so cooperative
Lastly i'd like to thank Cindy for offering me such an opportunity
I'm wishing you and ONLY I all the non-fiction LOVE  ! ! !  

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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miamanson said...


Anindita Khrisna Murti said...

good job, ARIO! overall collection is amazing... i really adore cindy's idealism in fashion.

of course i like ur style too, mr salt&preppy...

that's why i followed u...

Cliff said...

love the campaign, so colorful! :)

Too late to fall asleep, too early to wake up.

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ mia: yes it is!!! :p thank u mia

@ anin: THANKS A LOT anin! cindy is someone i really admire. i guess lots of people will feel the same

@ cliff: thank you cliff