It is now 4 days before christmas and the holiday spirit is in the air, mixed with the oxygen we constantly breathe. I might not celebrate christmas, but i always do enjoy this season, and the carols as well :)
Other than that, December is a contemplation month, the time to regret things what we should've done and to vow we will try harder the year after
I, just like everybody else, have things i regret for and of course things i'm grateful for
Some of you might recall one post i wrote back on August that i finally got a job and how grateful i was. To cut the chase, let me just tell you that i quit. Super fast, i know, but i have my own personal reasons and i stood by my choice. It was sad, to be apart from some great people i have befriended with, but i'm happy, i can't even be happier actually. I am sure life will offer me better things to experience
Just like this several non-stop-series-of-luck that i had just after i quit my job during this December
Maybe you think it's too lame to share it here but then again, it's a #shamelesspublication kinda post :)

Remember this post about me joining LOMO BLOG COMPETITION that was held by @lomonesia community? I got to be in the top three, and based on "thumb donations" on facebook, i won the third place and lomonesia sent me this super cute DOMINO ! 
Thank you Men's Folio Indonesia (@MensFolio_ID) for inviting me to be one of the presented blogger in this Nov-Dec issue. I am extremely proud that you tag me along with these incredible 4 other bloggers
Diana Rikasari, Luthfi Riadi, Caroline Robianto, and Sonia Eryka. I am truly honored !
ps: GO GRAB THE ISSUE !!!!!! super chic magz!
This is probably the most random giveaway i ever entered yet i surprisingly won it! The giveaway was held by Cindy Karmoko, a dear blogger friend of mine who now is hitting Milan for school (envy her! :p). She used to get the result and i am happy that is not an action of nepotism *LOL*! The t shirt is LOVELY and she even sent me chocolate! kisses to Milan!!!!!! 
As the closing of this post and my latest luck of the month so far was winning a 'best dressed' at the Magnum event that i posted earlier along with Bethany Putri. Well, unlike Putri who was seriously cute in her Vahada's caped dress, i didn't actually win. It was supposed to be Reza Bustami, the fashion stylist of CLARA Magazine, but he went home already and then they mentioned my name ! Thank you Reza for coming home early that evening. LOL. I guess i need these shopping voucher more than you do :p. Yes, it is SHOPPING VOUCHER. Such a perfect chocolate icing on the cake!!!

So maybe quitting your job is not always a bad and sad thing to do after all :p
 There are so many other things that i can't put it here, but i'm terribly happy for these lucks
Maybe it's just a coincidence, maybe it's just a rolling wheel of life. Or maybe it's a year end sale session from God :)
Thank you

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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uchie suci utami apsari said...

knapa kau beruntung skali arioo:)

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

You're so lucky!!! Ohmennn!! I really hope one day we can meet!

Mei めい said...

you're so lucky ! :)
congrats :D

Gricia (Cia) said...

Another luck and blessings will come to you next year ;) btw i thought u will also recap several projects that u've been involved in ;p

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

you are so luck arioo! envy with you.. hehehehe...

have a nice december ario :)

Cindy Karmoko said...

OMG ariooooo so luckyyyyy.. kisses from milan!!!

Karina Dinda R. said...

Wow you're so lucky! Senangnyaaaa :D

Karina Dinda R. ♥


you're so lucky! merry christmas!

Cliff said...

OMG seriously you're sooooo lucky! Consider it as a Christmas gift :D