Holiday is almost coming to town !
I bet that you're excited already, maybe preparing your christmas decoration, christmas dinner menu, new year's eve plan, and so on. Year end has never been apart from these kind of spirit, not forget to mention the spirit of shopping ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Don't worry, you are not alone when it comes to this. NEVER alone, instead. SALE literally is in everywhere i could go. They DO help, but what could be better than free stuffs for your holiday wishes?
This month has been a giveaway month for me. Participating here and there and i'm not ashamed *or at least TRY not to feel that ashamed* to join this another kind of giveaway by UNESTABLISH.COM 
Recall the name because it MIGHT be the powerful Genie to grant your three wishes
Lets join the competition altogether. Here are the rules !

  • Just post THREE of your favorite items on our site on your blog
  • Link back to our site on your blog
  • Send your blog post links to:
  • DONE ! ! !

And here are my very hopeful-Alladin-like-three-wishes. KABOOM !

Coupe-Cousu dual tone reversible blouse - The Furies OBI Pants - Coupe-Cousu grey shirt with blue mesh

The OBI pants is actually for ladies, but who care? i'll rock it anyway (^,^)
Owh, and one more lovely news,  
In addition, for one ENTIRE month, enjoy 25% discounts + FREE worldwide shipping + cash rebates !
Simply use the code XMAS25 at checkout and feel free to share this with your beloved ones
Holiday is about sharing after all :)

Until the next malfunction box ! ! ! 
 ~Ario Achda~

2 comment:

MarieAntoinette said...

well, nice stuff.

Sidney Salim said...

Yes! Christmas vibe is everywhere. My spending has been crazy this month, but who cares. Sale and discounts are all over the stores! Who can resist that? Love your post! Your blog is awesome.
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