Every human is complete. We are blessed with brain and heart to know and understand what's right or not
We have to admit that sometimes we fall off the lane...
Human are created whole, and it is true. That explains why there is love and hatred
We can be happy when others are not or the other way around, unhappy when others are
As stupid as it sounds, i am stupid as it sounds

Every human has a different state and percentage of emotion
Braveness, vulnerability, empathy, tolerance, and millions of other words
As a human, the fact that we can not choose who to be born to is definite
What race, what religion, what color, what sex,  etc. It is something we have to embrace, even maybe for some people, it is a difficult thing to do...

As a boy with more X chromosomes inside, there were many hard times when i grew up
People ask me questions...
Why you talk like a girl
Why you walk like a girl
Why you cry like a girl
Why you whine like a girl
I couldn't answer and will never be able to
People called me by many names...a wimp, a sissy, a fag. Tell me about it, i'm super familiar with those words! :)
As a child, it was quite a journey. I believe my parents went through it as hard as i did
It was never easy for both never is...

Yes, human are the complete and most blessed creature, yet we are the home of flaws and imperfection
We might not born the way we wanted to be, but we have a power to change it
If you're having difficult and hard times, lets get through it together
Lets try to embrace who we are every day, love ourselves, hold it, make peace with ourselves first, then we  will be able to do something for others...

Maybe you've been told you are weak the way i've been called?
Remember, even in the weakest persons, there is always an army ready to emerge

i was wearing: H&M sunglasses gifted by Cindy Karmoko // Double fabric shirt from PVOMO by Andhika Dharmapermana // TOPMAN floral skinny tie // camo jacket that was given by an old friend 7 years ago // all time favorite (X)S.M.L jodhpur pants // Di Bazzato messenger bag

I might be a wimp like you've always been mocking me, but at least i'm man enough to admit and live with it !
This is for everybody who's been bullied all their life

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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evita nuh said...

Hey kak listen to me, ( okay, this 2 am, I'm still study for my exam tomorrow, got frustrated and open up my twitter and there's link to your new post… ) all I want to say is… SCREW THEM! seriously, we've met in person, for like about only half an hour and I already know you are a great man. Later on I know you are friends with my sister and when I asked her about you, she told me all good things about you, how funny, witty and smart you are how everyone loves you and you always got friends around you ( she even mention that I probably might will get along with you ).

Tell me more about being bully, I was called idiot all my life…all my old friends ( if they can even count as a friend…) say to me now… "sorry I was mean to you back then…" funny thing I don't even remember who she is, and she told me she also mean to me back then, so I guess they are just too many, I don't even recognize them. So I learn by myself to build my self defense, and turn out it's only just learn how to ignore. Choose people who worth listen to and for the rest who only make you wanna eat your heart out, screw them. Tell them to stop asking, if there's any question to be ask is only how on earth are they raised? asked them : "don't you momma or papa teach you to mind your own business? or do you really have that extra time on your life to mind other people business? if you do I got whole rack of shoes to clean… so please do me a favor…" add more "I talk the way I talk, walk the way I walk, hell I want! I'm different and that makes you look normal so instead of asking stupid question you better thank me"

My dad always told me to choose my war and I know for sure making war with those kind of people is not worth it but once and twice some people need someone to point out to them to just mind their own business. And oh, I'm sure I read somewhere "only the best are bullied!"

Ok great, tomorrow I have an exam, hahaha need to get back to study. but seriously you are a great man, whoever hurting your feeling must not know you well enough to love you. *kisses! and hugs! ( you clearly need a hug right now)

rimatambunan said...

wow this is a great post. just ignore those people, they're scorning because they're cannot be a different person, they're same with other people. you have power to fight them without change your personality, love yourself and do whatever you want to do :)))

Maria Widjaja said...

omg! whoever said that, they're just jealous! remember people throw rocks at things that shine:)
no matter what you are, who you are, as long as you stay true to yourself and you don't hurt anyone from being yourself, ignore what the haters say!
anw loving the army outer like so much!!

Cindy Karmoko said...

arioooo i'm sure all of the insensitive readers will say "nice outfit love the jacket" lol
a lot of people are so judgmental these days, they choose their friends base on their coolest to lamest chart. Me and my lil sis were fat. They call me gorilla blablabla but the worst thing that ever happen to my life was looking at my lil sis cried and locked herself in her room because all of her friends in her previous school bullied her and when she finally moved to a smaller school, they made a fucking ridiculous gossip about my sister being pregnant(just because she was fat) and need to moved to another school after she had an abortion. Sometimes people love to point at other's unusual behavior or sins so that they could feel better about their pathetic-self. We live in the concrete jungle. I remember when i was trying so hard to fit in and everybody wanted to belong in a certain group of people, but before you knew it, those who couldn't fit in will be the one who have the last laugh. We're born to stand out, we're born to be the best and to be the center of the limelight. We are more than just ordinary, people will treasure things that shines the most, the biggest star in a gloomy sky and last but not least a whole package like you. You look super fabulous on the outside and kind-hearted on the inside. I'm sure you'll make your parents proud and btw i'm proud to be a friend of yours anyway *kisskiss*

Reiva Rediana said...

Dear Kakak.. Imho, you're such an amazing man! That's it. And smile...eventhough your teeth is missing. ;D


oh nice jacket ario *langsungdiblock*

uhhhhhh, I also familiar with those words even until now, well of course, but I realize that all I have been through just made me stronger, so do you I'm sure and i think you quite confident in front of people, being you.
I don't wanna hate people because what they all have done to me, duh jadi curhat deh lol

but the most important thing is you believe in your self, don't drag down yourself because those single words. Look at to yourself now, you are a leader, you are loved by so many people around, moreover there are so many people want to be you.

Mari sekarang berpelukan dan jadikan aku sekertaris lookbook jakarta *singsingkan rok*

Gricia (Cia) said...

Ariooo.. komennya pada panjang.. They love you so much =) Well btw by being true to yourself it means u are not a fake person and i love the Ario i know.. You rock!!!

Aiiness said...

kacamatanya oendjoe deeeh ;D

Aiiness said...

baru baca n I've agreed with all ur words!!! :')

Bella Francisca said...

be patient kak Ario! I also once been bullied with sarcasm tweet and etc... but I've survive and well, just let the karma slap them :) they're just jealous with who we are. you have such an amazing style for male Indonesian blogger, and keep inspiring!! anw, love your army outer! ready for a war? ;)

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Missing Bee

Andudei Hardyanta said...

Oh dear brother should you care about them? There's nothing wrong with who you are, it;s okay not to be okay, but just be true to who you are. Love yourself.

I believe there's a story behind every person. There's a reason why they're the way they are. And you have your own story.

People may talk as what they like, but you, it's yourself who deserve to live your life, not them.

Screw them! You better put your attention to people who loves you than the people who mocks at you, right? I believe there are a lot of people who loves you and look at you from diferent sides, and think that you're their happiness.


anasgch said...

You're fine the way you're now kak..:) Don't give a damn about their thought. Even though it's a hard thing to do..

I believe God create us with one purpose, to make the world a better place to learn and life. No one has been created as nothing or nobody. We're all somebody. We're all unique so we can help people to learn about diversity or how to love ourselves without being somebody else.

It's hard to accept when we're too different with the others, but it make us to fight more! :)

And btw, you're one of few fine man i've ever know. :) What appeared on our appearance will change someday, but the inner beauty (or handsome in this case) will never fade. Cheer up kak! Q(⌒o⌒Q)

I've just found this post, gosh..It seems i didn't saw it in my dashboard..huhu...