Being a pedestrian in Jakarta, Indonesia, is not an easy thing. Sadly i have to admit, the pollution, the heat, sometimes the humidity, is not always bearable. Plus, the fact that fashion is not a major thing for most people here gives us (ones who dress up "a little bit" different) a hard time everytime we hit the road. The alienation gaze and sort of things like that is a daily menu. It is quite surprising to me that we actually DO need GUTS just to simply be a pedestrian. Here, to be bold in the malls, parties, or cars is quite ordinary, what's not is when you BRING it to the street !
By the way, i found this quite recently old pictures of mine. Taken from the photoshoot of a blogger fellow of mine, Bethanny Putri's clothing line, de.cada.dia. We were hitting the streets on Sunday morning, car-free day time, risking the chance that every people with their hip fixie bike will catch a glimpse then smirk on us, LOL. It was a fun and quite nerve-wracking. I really love the pieces i wore and decided to put it on my personal lookbook page (^o^)


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ps: Me and my friends would like to hold the first gathering of Lookbook Jakarta community (those who owns lookbook page and currently living in Jakarta and around), due date on late September. Details and invitations are confidential, infos are coming right to you, SOON!

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Tara said...

Spot à Vendre ya acara bazzarnya, seruuuuuu baru liat td detailnya di Fb, btw pantesan kok di fotonya kelihatan sepi gak ada mobil lewat, gak tahunya itu pas car free day yaaaa :)

dunia kecil indi said...

jangankan di jakarta, dibandung pun gitu. hff...
nice style, btw. suka banget dengan cara kamu pakai celana+sepatunya. that's cute :))

the sparkling dust said...

I agree, those alienate gaze is the worst they look at us like we're weirdo.. takes a lot of guts to dress "different" and walk around city..I love that coat and the colors really went well and that pants looked really comfortable.

Sabila Anata said...

i just couldn't agree more with u ka!! it's like u can read my mind... amazing :o haha
btw, i've linked you :D i have to re-organize my bloglinks,sigh.

ChiChi81 said...

This is a very cool shot, and I love LOVE the outfit, hun! Very stylish! And yeah, we suffer the same dilemma. You get these odd looks and stares from people, even get ogled and pointed at when your outfit is slightly different. Common mocking is that, "are you some sort of movie star to dress up like that?" haiz... some people are just too simple-minded sometimes.


A Single Girl's Musings

putche. said...

Damn, this post is so true. I don't think we pedestrians are given the rights we're supposed to have here! And those men with untrimmed moustaches who love to shout nasty bitchy stuffs just add the stress (no, they're not all moustached, i know. I just make a stereotype myself).

Well, anyway, let's just quit bragging and live with it. Your outfit is nice and the coat from is a hit.

The Vogue Advisor said...

Nice blog!!!
Kisses from Italy...

Cindy Karmoko said...

aaa ario i love your outfit! ketje banget kamu d sini..

The Vogue Advisor said...

Thanks for your lovely you want to follow each other???
Let me know!!!

Syrious said...

wow you look so cute!!!!
lovely pics!!
and amazing outfit!!!!
i can totally understand you! here it is the same!!
usually people look at me like i'm an alien! it's just fashion!!!

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Syrious said...

ps you have a new italian follower ;)

Rouwen said...

I love it

felix said...

i reallly like your outfit!! nice blog!