"i want to ask children to plant a tree so an owl gets a new home and make it a better world"

..., such lovely and noble message is a mission this childrenwear line named "RADICI" is carrying...
Been blogging for almost two years now, but as far as i remembered i barely write a review on something as cute as this, so please do  pay attention ! :-p

Possessing a certain state of fondness towards children and their little imaginative dimension is where Julsan Briela, the designer of RADICI, started everything. She founded RADICI back on June 2011 with a playful, adventurous, and multifunctional designs. The petite designer herself said that  it was nature that inspired her and she wanted to have a "bring the nature" concept
"LITTLE HELPER", the theme for RADICI spring summer 2012 collection is inspired by plant, tree and owl element. By using the organic fabrics, Miss Briela created a line of multifunctional ready to wear  for children with playful application like a hide-able caped jacket, wing-ed sleeveless peter pan collar shirt, and many more cutenesses !

RADICI is awarded as the BEST CHILDRENWEAR DESIGNER graduated from ESMOD
Please do enjoy a high dose of cuteness ! ! !

And these next photos are my own simple editing, practicing the watercolor tutorial from my cute blogger fellow, Sabila Anata from  Pastel Girl...thank you Bila, it turned out really cute ! ! !

Contact person:
Twitter: @radicibyjuls
Facebook: Radici Childrenwear

ps: I want to thank Julsan Briela, the designer of RADICI for being so nice, lovely and so helpful!
I really wish all the best for RADICI, children nowadays need more attention to fashion and nature! :)

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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sabrina maida said...

omg !! i love this post, they are looking so cute with the costume :) and i love your blog ka rio.

Arina Nahya NN said...

So Cute!!! xD

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

i love all the collection, gonna have some for my niece and nephew!

M said...

oh, the concept and design are amazing !
i wish i'm still a kid, so i can wear them :p


cute!!!!! so envy with kids these days


AuL Howler said...


cute-unyu kids!

Mitha Komala said...

this lookbook is too cute yaa kak ario :3 i adore the little boy on the first picture!!!

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

cuute! :)

Hei Echa!

adireg said...

thank you for nice words i love this posted it so cute

CrystalAlice said...

I will have the children ! !

CrystalAlice said...

I will have the children ! !