Today is January, 30th, 2012
It's Monday but it's just another Monday! it's one day before #BethannyPutri #Early2012Giveaway contest ends. Have you tried or at least considered to join? Well, it might be your lucky day (or mine) that would spicen up your early time of the year :p. She's giving Madame Korner classic skin care voucher worths IDR 250.000 and nikicio multiway apron  from MIXTE:o6 collection
Sounds like a well treat? Yes, indeed, that's why i shamelessly *as always* jumped my self in and joining the competition

To know the regulations and the procedures, feel free to check her post here

The main challenge is to create one look set from head to toe from polyvore.com (or photoshop for you who doesn't have polyvore - i used photoshop). Even if i do "styling" job, i never tried to create a look set before and it turned out quite fun, so, i decided to share it here. teehee
Well, honestly not only because of that, i kinda really want that super edgy apron actually
What an edgy cook i would be in that apron, even if my cooking is not as edgy as the apron. LOL

So have you consider to compete with me now? LOL
Get ready, set, GO ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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michellehendra said...

good luckkkkk gorgeous! i laaafffff yuuuu