I'm wishing you who celebrate CNY a healthy, happy, and lucky year to go through
It's really nice to have a long weekend from Friday to Monday, right? I bet everyone has been busy shopping and dining for today

Chinese New Year has always been celebrated with a big feast, family gathering, and of course, ang pao!
As someone who doesn't celebrate CNY, i never get those ang pao for sure ! *LOL* but at least, i get an invitation from OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE (@OutbackIN)  for an awesome lunch feast with some of my blogger fellows

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE was firstly inspired by the classic movie, CROCODILE DUNDEE and conceptualized as American outlet with an Australian theme. Within a mere twenty years, the upstart steakhouse on Henderson Street, Tampa, has grown into nearly 1200 restaurants in 23 countries in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Asia, including Jakarta, Indonesia *thank God for that*

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE is a seriously recommended destination of steak-lovers, where the taste and quality is out of the question. Deriving the Australian theme, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE  gives a friendly, casual, relax, and such a laid-back ambiance to step in.
What about the food? Oh, come on, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE surely will serve you with the JUICIEST steaks and seafood with a very fresh ingredients

Such lovely menus were served to me and my other blogger fellows, Gricia Effendy , Michelle Hendra, and Arnold Teja. The four of us were probably having the BEST lunch ! Just as i wrote above, the steak is so juicy that every bite would lead you to another one and another one and another one! Simply said, you just can't stop easily !
I had my rib eye steak, and on the very first bite, deep inside i said silently
 "dear Lord, thank you for creating those healthy cows!!!!!"  LOL

I think i wrote it too much, the pictures will tell you all the JUICY DETAILS!

 appetizer. good stuff! they didnt leave a bad breathe at all! how did that happen? 
 main course ! *gulp*
 non-alcohol pina colada !
 dessert for everyone! i ate like CRAZY!
 and where did they go? ow, right, my jelly belly ! -____-

And i had mucho mucho fun with my lovely blogger fellows
 Arnold with his super cute sweater and Katy Perry concert-bracelet. such a show off *hahaha, JOKING, arnold!" :p
 Michelle Hendra's shaved hair ! - Gricia Effendy's super cute tights ! ! ! *i thought it was tattoo* :p
 i know i took a huge risk standing next to michelle, it would only make me look darker and darker but yea, hell with it! hahaha. love the second picture so much even tho its blur, so i decided to post it anyway :)
 Another risk i took. sitting next to Arnold, which make me looks so chunky *and old* HAHAHAHA
i was wearing: ZARA bowler hat // Versace x H&M from Cindy Karmoko giveaway // red socks // brown leather brogue

 These are the rest of the menus!!!!!

I don't like writing about food! It makes me hungry just to write about it, and the taste of the delicious steaks i had yesterday still lingers on my tounge . huffft.
So anyway, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE has a special promo for Chinese New Year! I totally recommend this place for you and the whole family. However, i'd like to give a little clue: You might wanna take your parents there with you :-p

Thanks again OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE (@OutbackIN) for inviting us, it was a superb lunch
Thanks Michelle Hendra, Gricia Effendy and the cutie Arnold Teja who i ended up eating ice cream with! :)

Have a great holiday ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

8 comment:

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

seems had so much fun ario... i love your Versace for H&M tees... and the menus looks so delicious! I think i must forget my diet program LOL! :p


Hei Echa!

rimatambunan said...

gasp breath for the foods, and i never see you wrong to mix style. always cool, also arnold teja, cute geek's boy :)

Pedro Korshi said...

Lovely blog.

rococobonbon said...

uhhh versace for h&m.
where did u get that?

actually for the latest cruise collection has already gone in minutes.

i hope that h&m will stocked marni for h&m in jkt. (gossiped will be opened first store in jkt in mid-2012)

Gricia (Cia) said...

hahaha.. nice writing =))
*sambil nahan iler liat foto makanannya *siap2 pake voucher outback

Imam Al Rezki said...

sweaternya arnold!
lovin it!

Mitha Komala said...

no you do not look old at all! bet all of you had so much fun :D love love your top kak!


rainbow cloud said...

love love love your look!!! itu kaosnya si Versace for H&M yaaaa..huhuhu lucky u u got their collection.. and I want ur shoessss... why is it that guys have better flats than us girls? hahaha..Michelle lg dijkt ya...salam ya utk yg lain!