Spent the last Saturday returning some of the wardrobe i borrowed for my last work and met some of my lovely blogger fellows. Clara Devi, Marcella Caroline, Lalita Tian, and Diana Caitilin 
It was really warm to met them all while having sushi and sashimi and this and that, and it is actually really funny how i get so close with Claire (Clara Devi) and Oline (Marcella Caroline) by being so cold and sarcastic to each other. We kept throwing hurting words but then laughed hard at it eventualy. I think Lita (Lalita) and Diiiyn (Diana) were  kinda bugged and stressed to see us, and then the miss glisterandblister Michelle Koesnadi came and save the day and we finally behaved the right way :)

 i LOVE this picture above!
 Anyone have any idea what this is? Lemme tell you, this is Lalita Tian's wallet! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, cuteness!
I just realized how Diiiyn's face can be REALLY sexy!
 After Olin left us and then we split, Lita and Diiiyn, me with Claire -____-"
  How sweeter can this possibly be? This is called "image branding" LOL
I was wearing: (X)S.M.L shirt//a striped navy pullover from a friend//SATCAS carrot-tracking pants//stripes socks//classic brogue leather from Daddy
 the last two pictures are from Mikus (Michelle Koesnadi), thanks a lot Mikus! :)

 Hmmm, Claire is now back to Yogyakarta already and yes, each of us are back to our own daily life, but i always long for this kind of meet-ups! I don't mind the cold war, in fact i'd love to have more cold wars with these girls :p
I hope you were all having  a nice weekend as well

Random thought: i MISS Michelle Hendra  ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Girl With Plastic Camera said...

looks all of you a million bunch of FUN! one day i wish i can meet all of you! >.<

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha no laaah! how can i be stressed when i'm surrounded by funny & nice people like u guys!
it was very flattering to see u guys kata2an lohhh lol

re: makasih io!! berat aku masih sama kok (padahal uda gym terus) efek kamera kali hwahahaha


rimatambunan said...

envy with bloggers from jakarta very close, while surabaya blogger is hard to gather. hahaha ;) nice one!

AN3 said...

Wow! Looks had a lot of fun! Hopefully oneday, i'll meet all of u!

Diana Netaneel caitilin said...

agree with litaaa. it's really nice to meet all of you. " I just realized how Diiiyn's face can be REALLY sexy!" wuaaaaa *flattered.Lol

Alviana Kalin said...

so in love with the pic of you and clara!!


Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great quality time. nice pictures!
Clara is a sweet girl in her sweet dress <3

lotta love,
The Daydream Collaboration

Mitha Komala said...

all of you look so stunning and stylish ;D bet you guys had a total pleasure. great pictures kak ario :D


you're always be my favorite boy!!! actually, i love your shirt and how you mix & match your socks with your shoes... *males muji langsung... ahahahaha kisssss*

Henny Vitri said...

Liking the last picture! I love how you pull that socks off. :D