//The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect//

"...One who does not know a thing about me and my surroundings shall leave their lips sealed..."

The quote i wrote above is an expression of an anger, dedicated to someone accusing things i most unlikely am
I respect and admire you as an artist, but you judged me way too much and it hurts
. God knows i am not the person who you think i am

Enough with the resentment i flew in the air, lets just move on to another DIGNITY
It was just another @LOOKBOOKJakarta 's working day, surveying venues for our next event
Trying out my new chamber shirt and short chinos i received from DIGNITY by Boki (@ivanvictorlukas), or you  might recognize him as Cindy Karmoko's Mr.B :)
He gave me this shirt and chinos back when i worked with him for a photoshoot of a band called "LAST CHILD"
It was a totally great day working with Boki and the band, and it got much much much better after he gave me this "souvenirs" :p
DIGNITY CLOTH is actually a menwear for casual and sporty guys. If you're into t-shirts, hoodies, or trucker hats, you should check their stuffs HERE ! ! ! 
It was the first time i put them on together. I'm loving it and i ain't lie!
Mixed it with a grey cardigan with a stripes detail from MONDAY to SUNDAY to hide my curvy hips (which i bought from the voucher i received from winning the level one blogging competition :p), the classic brogue that i've been wearing quite a lot lately, plus letting my bangs down again !  teehee

Here are me with DIGNITY (@DignityCloth)...

the finger armor is from F21 and the rings at the right-top picture are given from Cindy DIAMONDHURTS :) LOVEEE!
i was wearing: DIGNITY chambray shirt // DIGNITY black short chinos // MONDAY to SUNDAY cardigan // IL PRIMO leather brogue // assorted rings // glasses was lent by a good friend :p

i rolled up the chinos twice and when i sit it gets REALLY short and i know my thighs are big and i don't have the twinkie hairless legs. Yes, everybody stared but thank god at least they look sort of hairless here !  -_____-
If you're the kinda guy who like to play it safe, the you can always leave the chinos unrolled, guys ! :)

...And from fashion to food ...

Really miss having ice podeng so i paid my revenge (picture above) and afterward me and my two friends from LOOKBOOK Jakarta, @YudhieRamadhan and @Salviarzharael took another culinary session for sushi, sashimi and its other kinds :p *gulp*  

 the dessert is a must-try. strawberry ice cream covered with smooth vanilla chocolate.

So apparently, stand up for your DIGNITY with another DIGNITY is a recommended   thing to do every single time :)
 Keep that in mind, friends !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

16 comment:

adireg said...

i love that's rings


Tas nya keren!
Love your oxford shoes too


M said...

shoes ! :D :D
and yes, awesome rings !
nice place, btw :) :)

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

love the ring, cool one!
like this post too :))


Herdiana Surachman said...

Anomali jualan es podeng juga io (?) hihihihi

Putche said...

Nice photos and poses!
Oh, anyway, i have that wolf/dog/whatever ring too!



Bonjour, je suis Rafi said...

I'm so adoring the shoes! And the food looks yum, as well as your outfits for sure:)

Jessica Paramartha said...

whoa very nice mix and match ka ario! u totally fashionable hehe :)

by the way the wolf ring just same like mine, thanks to ka Cindy Biantoro, those rings really cool like her i think ;) am i right? :p
yummy sushi *gulp*

cheers, Jessica

Cindy Karmoko said...

arioo kece banget dehhhh. buka buka kartu lagi nih -.- i miss youuuu and amril, olin, + claire so so much. T___T


yiqin; said...

that ice cream looks so yummy@

Claradevi Handriatmaja said...

Ario you're totally lose more weight again (look closely at your jaw!) and I had to say, I love you!!! Thanks so much for the comforting comments :)
It's been tiring to be judged by wrong person, and whoever made you wrote the first passage above, we shall pray for him/her because they seemingly have a little heart.
We all love you, and as CK said, you are always missed!!

Imam Al Rezki said...

<3 finger armor!!!

Mitha Komala said...

i love the cape and shoes kak ario! and those foods look delicious ;D


Diana Netaneel caitilin said...

aww fotonya kece sx<3

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

quotenya pas sama aku :) and cincinnya! itu keren sekali loh


ini SUPER KECE! THAT SHOESSS, I WAAANT! when will we meet again? :) I miss youuu