This post is probably not so cool anymore, cos some of you might probably have known what i'm about to post right now. Was invited by a blogger friend of mine, Diiiyn (Diana Caitilin) to have a fun photo session with her and Michelle Hendra. I have never done any kind of photo session with a blogger fellow before so i said "yes" instantly !
It was raining heavily that day that i got SOAKED badly on my way to the location. I intended to go by bus and i almost canceled it and ready to go home, but a minute later, all i know i was already inside a cab. Maybe it's because i really wanted to do it so bad. LOL

I have always admired how Michelle and Diiiyn always post beautiful photos of themselves, and to be joining this super fun time with them was actually flattering :)
I have to admit that i do look like crap in some of the photos, but here i am shamelessly presenting the photos to you

I was wearing: unbranded shirt // de.cada.dia grey coat // PEDRO lace-up // (X) S.M.L necklace // En Garde Artilleries triple-headed wolf ring

PAR : Try Hansen
MUA : Dewi Puspa Sari

We might look like we're foe to each other but the truth is we're obviously friends!!!! LOL
I have my huge thanks to give to Diiiyn and Michelle for inviting me in :), Hansen the photographer and Dewi the Make Up Artist ! ! ! It was totally a new experience and i'd love to repeat it again!
By the way, there is still another set of look and session. Will do post the photos a little bit later :)
In the mean time, i'm hitting the hay and i'm wishing you all the best weekend ever

p.s: Happy February everyone. I can smell that people will put on their pink stuffs soon! :p

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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M said...

love the 5th photo the most !
it shows the outfits and accessories really well, plus it tells the truth about fashion XP haha..
and i like your pose and expression in last photo, so COOL ! ;)

until my next malfunction comment,
(:p hihi..)

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...


Mitha Komala said...

awesome shots kak ario! omg three of you are totally stunning. my favorite is the 6th photo. <3

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

great photos! just one word FABULOUS! >.< i love the last photo ario :)

Hei Echa!

shinta said...

great guys look stunning :)

fahmy haryandi said...

great photos :)

Sari_Hime said...

The 3 super cool model and blogger. Hot in Black ^_^


Christine Adelina said...

unbelievably cool.. I cant believe you are the same person who eats the most last time LOLOLOL