This post is just a personal feeling post and probably will do no good to any of you nor to this blog itself
I just realized that today is February 29th, a day that we only have a chance to experience once in four years
Basically that's the only very special thing about today, others are just as usual, in a fun way :)
But then i kinda get emotional, thinking about "celebrating" things that we rarely have, just as this February 29th
And i looked back few previous pages of my 2012, i've been blessed, in a way i couldn't ask for more
Surrounded by a nice environment is a big way to have a happy life, and here i'm enjoying my moment
Together with these pearls from my @LOOKBOOKJakarta crew who have been driven nuts these past months, trying to deliver the big event we planned since last year -____-

Anyway, i just want to make a simple post about us during this rare date and time

Amril Ardi (@amrilardi), Yudhie Ramadhan (@yudhieramadhan), and Adelle Veronica (@adelle_veronica)
these photobooths moments are probably trash to people but treasure to us
They're the living proof of our escapade time during the hectic time
And hell yea, i can never wish for other great looking and inspiring working fellows
Lets back to reality guys, we're so ON THE EDGE ! -____-

p.s: randomly would like to wish a biggest blast to anyone who celebrate birthday on Feb 29th, STAY  YOUNG ! ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! ! 
 ~Ario Achda~

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Nice post kak!
Jeansnya Adelle Veronica kerennn.. I love rebel things sometimes :D
Have a nice March!!


Girl With Plastic Camera said...

love all the photos! >.<

Stevia said...

you all looked like you had fun together
and I also loves my photo booths and silly pics with my favorite people more than my blog pics :)

The Sweetest Escape 

Noomie Doodles said...

nice pics! hip!

Mitha Komala said...

seems so fun kak! good luck for the event :D cant wait for it ;)


Cliff Tuna said...

You guys look so much fun and happy here! :D

AuL Howler said...

who said?
this pics are treasure!*

*)for you


just a joke ^^

salah satu fotonya kayak cover-cover CD grup musik gitu deh bang Aryo. keren banget. Serius. kenapa gak sekalian bikin album aja gitu? udah pas bgt inii :))

GRICIA said...

You all got a nice hair cut.. The boys ;p

okky dommy said...

you have pretty cool photos!
look so fun together!
following you ario :)

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

Ario and the gank wohoo! seems had quality time with your friend! Photobooths moment itu jadi agenda wajib kalo lagi kumpul bareng temen-temen :D

Hei Echa!

kelimutu said...

are you webcaming with your friends? You all looks fun! :)

good luck for the @LOOKBOOKJakarta event kak.. ^^