Thanks to Valentine Day, February has always been identified with chocolate, teddy bear, ballad, something pink, and all the sugary sweet things. These will certainly be a very lovely thing to celebrate *to those lovebirds out there*, but for someone who is single, unoccupied, and emotionally unstable (in other word: ME), these are not fabulous at all. LOL

Owh, why start a post with something as cynical as that? So how's everybody's valentine's day?
Did you celebrate it? Did you not? Or you don't believe in valentine? Or perharps, you're just the kind of  people like me?  Well, i hope you're ot as pathetic as i am :)
To me, this year's February 14th  was just another day to pass, but it was kinda nice to see so many people in love out there, and i got a chocolate from my bestmate plus spent the whole day working with my two  bestmates, so yes, it wasn't that bad! :p Other than that, i passed it the ordinary way, dressing up, hittin' the road, working, and lit up some cigarettes, Urmmm...maybe just like this? teehee

 i was wearing: ZARA WOMAN knitwear // dad's cap // dad's bag // white shirt // NAUGHTY pink tie

 I put an effort of putting a little pink in this outfit for valentine post. Cliche i know, but don't we love being cliche some times? I might look and dress up differently with major people, but inside, i think i'm just the same with that man in t-shirt, baggy jeans, and dunk sneakers. LOL
Owh, and for you friends out there who are in the mood for love songs and ballad, please do check this video out. It is another work of me with Dmaz Brodjonegoro. :)
Enjoy and have a lovely final-half of February ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

so funny!
love this post :D

AN3 said...

Great post! :D
nice to know your blog btw, i followed u since last month, mind to follow me back? :)

Alviana Kalin said...

hey that is one sure a nice song! gonna try and download it after this ;) good job with the styling!

Alviana Kalin.


such a creative pictures
love them so bad!!
well, surrounded by fabulous friends of yours will make your February more stunning. (flashback at the post before this)


kelimutu said...

you fashioned like an old teacher. :p but still beyond cool! good job. :) thanks for sharing the video. nice, btw.

Garten Paradise

kelimutu said...

omg omg, I feel like jumpin now when know that you reply my comment.
I was a fan of you. thanks for drop by at my blog.

stay cool and awesome ya kak.. :)

Mitha Komala said...

happy val's day kak arioo! i spent Valentine by collecting chocolates and flowers from friends at school, it was fun indeed. anyway, love your knitwear and baggg. you look awesome as always :D

M said...

this outfit is sooo
what-i-really-love !
and yes, totally agree
with the pink tie ;)
you look awesome <333
happy love month btw ^-^

Melinda S said...

great post! <3