A few days ago, i just changed my twitter bio
 "I am frank when i write, when i speak, when i dress myself up"
Frankness. How important is such thing in your life? Have we forgotten such essence? Not only as a person who blog my personal life, but as a human who entangled my own self to the world...

The more i get to know more people the more i am aware of human with its own kind
 The kind who will not care, the kind who put their chin up, the kind who only be frank when they're not sober, the kind who are not frank in any way, sober or not...
The more i'm acquainted with these people, the more i want to be frank. To the world, to the clients i work for, to people who happen to read my blog, accidentally or intentionally, to friends i'm having my blast with,  and to myself...

I value frankness so much. I adore people who are honest with themselves, in the way they talk and walk, in virtual and reality. Along the way, i met this man who has always  been honest with his work and i fell for his creation

He calls himself Maja Teguh Bravijaya, a Jakarta-based photographer who learned everything by witnessing life and it's whole notions and commotions
Just as so many other artists, Teguh loves freedom as well. He once mentioned that he has one magical random life. So literally random that he often finds himself doing and creating things he didn't plan...
Maybe that is just the way an artist should work. Free of pressure, free of burden, only a silent moment with honesty and idealism

 It was just a series of his artwork telling a story of himself, or of anyone who can relate to
Frankly speaking, i am really captured by these pictures and the message they're trying to say
If you take a good look of each piece and the title, it will tell you a story of a man, in his lonesomeness and painful life, trapped in a desire and traffic of emptiness is dying to find his peace in destiny. He's not looking for anything else but freedom...

Being very open with his sexual preference has taught Teguh to always be open in every aspect in his life
Maybe that is why Teguh loves to take candid photos, to capture the truest side of people
His dream is to be able to travel abroad and take those honesty of fashion behind the stage of Fashion Week from Paris, Milan to Tokyo. He wants to dive in and blend in with the subcultures while bringing and preserving Indonesia's culture from the point of view of his eyes and his lenses 

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Mitha Komala said...

i do agree with what you write! i mean like, people should be real instead of being fake. as it's always better to be slapped with the truth than to be kissed with lies. but nowadays, it's hard to find someone who is original, so yeah.

and yeap, those photographs really speak about companionless, but beautiful still :)


Shinly Fransisca said...

yeah, terkadang banyak hal yang ngga mampu diungkapkan kata-kata, namun mampu diceritakan oleh gambar. :)


shinta said...

I love this post <3

michelle_ said...

thank you for introducing us to Teguh.. After reading about his facts from your post.. I find him really interesting. I love how he is very much open with his sexual preference in a country where being open in that matter might cause alot of stir..


anasgch said...

Before i read or click the GFC button, i fed your cute fish first. :D hehe..

Being frank huh? i need to learn that too. :) and to be honest, i didn't really understand the picture before i read the continuation of your post. :)

nice to meet the real you today! :D

anas :D

Steven Brown said...

This blog is one of a kind. I am now following :). I hope you can check out mine: http://theproverbs.net and FOLLOW. Anyway, I will not hold you precious time...thank you and god bless

steven b. 0:)

Cindy Karmoko said...

omg ario i love all of his pics! and preach it baby, i really am proud of your friend teguh, he took a lot( i mean a gazillion lots) of courage to move outta his comfort zone, to be different and maybe he'll make the difference someday? *kiss


Steven Brown said...

thanks for the comment. i am now following your blog :). i hope you will return to THE PROVERBS and join. thanks for your time.

Anya Sinta said...

great post kak :)

Ayu Nuada Damayanthi said...

Woow, I just find ur blog kak, hmm I love your brainy thought, its seems so smart, yeah being real is so important, but honestly being real around fake peoples just hmmmmmm.. Hahhaha :-p
Nice 2 know u kak ario :)))

Ayu Nuada Damayanthi said...

hihiii thankyou kak for ur lovely coment on my blog, actually so far that was my best shoot :p
I'm following youu, will be glad if you can do the same, or talk more persoal, hehhe. thankyouuu :)))

Christine Adelina said...

you have a really cool blog! Love black and white filter that you have..

Adel here hehehhehe


James Hezekiah said...

such a really nice story. thanks for posting ario, it inspires me a lot :D