A new month has come 
People welcome it with a demonstration #MayDay and i welcome it with a flu !
How are you malfunctioned friends? I just got home from Yogyakarta yesterday after spending 3 days and two nights there for a work for a video clip by ten2five (@ten2fiveband)
I had tons of fun and i'm going to share it for the upcoming post...

Probably a month ago, i got this package from Yonas Indrajaya, the owner of nassi goreng keju
Inside it, there was a shirt and a necklace. At first i was a little bit nervous because i didn't choose the item and i was afraid i wouldn't like it then i would have to fake it. Fortunately these things he sent me are definitely my kind of style ! :)
The moment i saw it, i knew it i had to bring it outdoors. So when i knew i would go to Yogya and had a shooting session in the ruins of Merapi Mountain i thought it would be the perfect timing >.<
The place was beautiful and it was so fresh and cool. However i am not that sure that i could show you the beauty from my photos because they were -sort of- unsuccessfully taken *I still thank Buyung, my friend who took all these pictures for me by the way :) hugs*
I tried to edit it last night while i was busy hachoo-ing here and there as well, and they look better now !

i was wearing: nassi goreng keju Africa shirt // nassi goreng keju feather necklace // de.cada.dia suede coat // DIGNITY black short chinos // TOPSHOP high socks // TOPMAN braided belt // Daddy's shoes

Thank you nassi goreng keju by Yonas Indrajaya! For the rest of the collection you can click the link! :)
I'm gonna be back with more posts and now i'm just gonna hit the hay and keep on hachoo-ing ! :p

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

12 comment:

Vania Aprilia said...

awesome pictures! love the coat and shirt <3 gws ya kak Ario :)

Pudding Monster

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Totally in love with the outfit! Great pictures and location =) Gws! X

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

wowowowow! super cool<3

Claireta Teressa said...

Stunning as usual ko ario ♥
you top really look gergous!
the outfit just adorable ♥

Claradevi Handriatmaja said...

What a great shot ariooooo!!!!
I love seeing you on the knee-high and coat... Gorgeous :)
Ah nyesel ga sempet ikutan. It must be hot there... since you were there *nyepik* hahahaha!
Three days here were not enough for us... hope to see you SOON!
Miss you much <3


C. Belvin said...

wow loved your coatt <3 nice pic :)

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

wah ario ke jogja gak bilang bilang nih hahhaa... keren tempatnya, baru tau ada tempat kayak gvitu di jogja..

by the way i love your africana shirt plus your short and you high knee socks :D

Hei Echa!

Bernadina Ayu Maharani said...

hi i'm Rani i live in Solo.. jogja isn't too far from solo..
Solo has a lot of beautiful place too, let's come Solo:)

kelimutu said...

aaah, your feather neclace is so adorable. ♥ it much. looks gorgeous as always! ^^


Miguel said...

i love you style! thanks for you commen, now i follow you an i like to you follow me! see yoo soon!

micah gianneli said...

Great styling, the trench ties it all together nicely.

Micah x

Mitha Komala said...

he sent me a package too but thank God i was satisfied with what he sent o__o love the zebra top and outer kak, you look awesommee!!! :D