10.25 TRAIN

It means: more photos less writings ! :p
Taken from the working trip to Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, due to the making of Ten2Five's (@ten2fiveband) video clip called "Jika"


We took it down to the ruins of Merapi Mountain. We were very nervous because it was almost raining but Thank God it stopped!
We had to go deep down under. Frankly, It was no big deal, the problem was when we had to climb up again. I couldn't feel my lungs and legs afterwards... -____-"


From the mountain, then we swapped the ambiance by doing the shoot in a desert. Crazy heat. Burning sands. I kept saying 'awch!!!' for the first 15 minutes everytime i stepped on my feet on the sands. LOL


 After busy whining for the rain on the first day and the heat on the second day *very human nature*, finally we did an indoor session. Free from wind, rain, and the sun. The thing is, It was our last day in Yogya so we had to wrap it up as fast as possible then catch the train back to Jakarta ! 


It was tiring, but we had a blast. BIG one. Working with these people feel like a playing time. Do blame me and my whole-time malfunction-ness

Me loving this picture above. According to them this is how it goes from left to right
"Producer - Singer - DIVA - Director"
I was like "WHAT???! But urmmm...well, you got a point " :))
 Never imagined this would be the time where Princess Kaguya meets Marilyn Monroe. EPIC!


Ow, i did tell you that we had fun right? But seriously, it was THIS fun! LOL 
Well, it's about time i show more stupid face on my blog. teehee

p.s: We couldn't hold not to laugh that they cracked instantly :p

And of course, I met one of my Yogyakarta-based blogger-best-friend, Clara Devi who sweetly gave me company to the station. Sad to leave her an hour before her birthday!
 p.s: The 'LOVE' sign was just a total joke! Super duper ar-ti-fi-cial! :p


Went out hitting the night life of Yogyakarta two nights in a row but these are the only outfit pictures i managed to have. I cropped  the sandals :D

 I was wearing: ZARA bowler hat // old SWANK Cole Mohr tee // ZARA cardigan // DIGNITY short chinos // Nassi Goreng Keju feather necklace

Most photos are taken by Dmaz Brodjonegoro with his camera and re-edited by me. Thank you Dmaz!!!

I am so excited to see the upcoming result. I grew up listening to ten2five's songs and glad that they finally make a comeback with a super painful yet beautiful track, "Jika"
Their album, "JOURNEY" is coming out, consists of a compilation of their greatest hits this past decade !
This video is directed by Dmaz Brodjonegoro (@curutsalto). It was the third time we worked together and it got better and better *what happened in Yogya stays in Yogya* :))
We took the train home at 10.25 p.m. Beautiful coincidence. Train with 1025 (ten2five) at 10.25 ! :)

Last but not least, my SPECIAL thanks goes to Z et S by Zico Halim and Sherry Kandou plus PVOMO by Andhika Dharmapemana for the beautiful clothes !!! 

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Anonymous said...

kak ariooo,
itu rok nya kak imel di day 2 (or is it a dress?) darimana kak? reminds me of balenciaga!
And I need to learn how to rock that gaga shades from you!!!


Claireta Teressa said...

stunning as always ko ario ♥
you're really adorable as always!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Omg stunning location, I bet the video will look amazing! You're stylish as always! X


Shinly Fransisca said...

cool ..
stunning location and stunning you as always <3 i like that cool tee :)


Maria Widjaja said...

looks like something genius is gonna be produced! I really really adore the place btw and your necklace also!;)

Lulut Marganingtyas said...

cantik bgt outfit nya imeeeel. cakeeeeep abisss...

Francesca said...

love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

KAIIWONG said...

great shots. the Linda Farrow glasses are looking great on you. Like the whole ambiance of the pics. thumbs up


Anonymous said...

you have such amazing job ario, pasti seneng abis <3 !! and always gorgeous outfit :)

Sweet darling. said...

I am really loving the clothes from the day 2 post !
they are so simple and stylish :)
and the locations seems so amazing !!
really need to visit indonisia oneday !


AuL Howler said...


keliatannya seru-seruan yaa..

no souvenirs, bang aryoo?

I'm holding LISTEN TO THE BEAT GIVEAWAY. have a view yaaa :)

Mitha Komala said...

oh i cant wait for the video to be released! seems like you guys had so much fun >< Jogja is a city with a very beautiful environment <3 love your feather necklace and tanktop kakkk!


Anya Sinta said...

superb!! bagus banget kak tempatnyaaaa :Q


great shoots!


M said...

work with style ;)
like your feather necklace
gurun pasir nya dimana ya ?
bagoes tempat nya :)

Bernadina Ayu Maharani said...

jogja isn't too far from solo, visit solo please..hehehe :) i want too meet you and kak claire :))


Mikhaela Cherry said...

awesome photos! n totally adore the suitcase, with i had one :/

Christine Adelina said...

love love love this post <3