LOVE.COLOR.DREAM is the name of SWANK's (@ssswank) SS 2012 collection by a friend of mine, Salvi Arzharael
Continuing the swag from his first collection, this time the whole collection is inspired by love and dream
Apart of that, Salvi himself once stated that this collection is also inspired, and a tribute as well, to the late Adesagi Kierana, one of the most talented Indonesian designers whom Salvi Arzharael once worked with, as his Creative Assistant for several years

Adesagi Kierana's fondness in colors is shown in exclusively hand painted dresses that will come in a very limited quantity. Carrying a different persuasion from the first collection which was more fetish and kinky, Swank's second collection is trying to be more flirtatious and naive yet still in the misty circle that Swank's has always been surrounded with

Ladies, Gents, and whatever you are, please have a look of SWANK by Salvi Arzharael

...When the sky turns blue
I stand there with a smoking gun
It was the darkest  of my days
When it took my sorrow and pain 
Was too young but i'm in love with you...

SWANK is gonna join BLUEPRINT, Asia Fashion Exchange in Singapore this May 19th-20th ! ! !
So proud of Salvi and his SWANK!

Oh and here are the stockists:
Threadbare & Squirrel
600 North Bridge Road Singapore

Very Wooonderland
ION Orchard B3-12 Singapore



Until the next malfunction box ! ! ! 
~Ario Achda~

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KAIIWONG said...

The green lipstick on the boy.. kinda strange but I like it though


Anthea Lau said...

Oh my, your blog is seriously amazing, I'm in love. The photography is superb there, I'm obsessed with the feeling I get in them ;)
thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - i'd love to share my passion for rings and hot crepes with you <3
follow each other?

Mitha Komala said...

gosh i love the whole collections!! the lookbook is amazing and fantastic <33

C. Belvin said...

wow totally lovedd this <3