Welcome June
First day of a new month is always exciting right?
It feels like we're given a chance to actually restructure what went wrong the previous month
We might have done things that we regret now. Things like hurting people, being rude to our parents, or maybe fight with our best friend until we cried
Life is bitter-sweet. We shouldn't let ourselves looking back constantly just because we want to turn back the heck of time, we have a whole and long road to walk through, a never-ending journey
We look back and grateful for what happened for they have made us the person we are today
We then vow to do better
That is what people say. Me? I'm so far from that state of wisdom, but trying my best to get there :)

This next photo session i am about to post is something i will look back with a smile
Not only because i was 5 kilo lighter then i am right now, but because a sweet collaboration behind
This is another set of my HANDGEMAAKT photoshoot with Zico Halim, the designer himself
Again, i am not tired to present HANDGEMAAKT because they carry our culture with them
I like them the way they are. My job was just to give it a twist :)

Here are HANDGEMAAKT by Zico Halim

i was wearing: HANDGEMAAKT shirt // ANCIENT GREEK dream cathcer
photographed by: Zico Halim
Edited by: me

 I wish i will love June as much as i love these photos  

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

17 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like this outfit. And the necklace is extraordinary. Love it!

I love the whole blog, I'm following your blog, of course!


Vania Aprilia said...

only one word suits this post : awesome :P

Pudding Monster

Claireta Teressa said...

ko ario you look so edgy in the photos ♥
the photo's effect is soo adorable and stunning


Nixie Pyrena said...

Ario i LOVEEEEEE your shirt <3

The Endless Wishlist

Bernadina Ayu Maharani said...

you always look so fabulous! i love ur stylee <333


Girl With Plastic Camera said...

Love this Look kak ario! especially the top and necklace. ahh, so kece lahhh..

Girl With Plastic Camera

Lucca Yoga said...

Lovely shirt, edgy. I feed your fish btw, the are cute :D

Lucca Yoga

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Woots kak louis me love your shirt and dreamcatcher! Kereen poto nyoooo~ xx


Mitha Komala said...

hadeuh kak ario kece sekali ;;) i love the shirt and dreamcatcher. cant express how much i love these photos too <3 xx

Letters To Juliet

Cindy Karmoko said...

ariooooo fierce and skinny banget ye ahahhaa and thank you so much for your super sweet comment, you read my mind!!! mungkin mnurut mreka spatu lbih penting. *BIGHUG see you soon diva!


Shinly Fransisca said...

awesome photographer and you <3
hey kak, may i know have you ever school of fashion ? :)


Shinly Fransisca said...

yes, but not the fanatic one honestly. yeah, the thing that i liked from fantasy book or movie is the unpredictable story. It takes us to the place we never imagined before. Out of box.
thanks kak, it's my mom's old knit actually. :s
wohh cool.
thank for your response and answer kak. it helps me. really much.

vijhài herman said...

i have the same dreamcatcher by ancient greek too! i'm new here.. i'll be glad if you can visit my blog
i've followed you too :)


sabrina maida said...

ka arioo kece banget !!! i love your shirt and the photo's effect is soo adorable and stunning harus berguru ngedit sama kaka ;p


Minnie said...

I love this photos...good shots!

Gricia (Cia) said...

ganteng amat sih ;)

Kristel Louisa said...

You look so fashionably FIERCE!