People often asked me why i decided to make a personal style or fashion blog. Actually i never did, my blog has never been a pure fashion blog, because i treat my blog simply as a personal journal, the open diary kind. It consists of my emotion turbulence travel with a touch of personal style. Same thing for this post, i'm just gonna write another uninspiring whining post

Where does fury come from? I believe the pattern is "faith-betrayal-disappointment-anger-fury", which is exactly the path where i am right now. Currently feel like i've been used, taken advantage of by someone i highly respected and have faith for. Disappointment is the dot i'm at. I only hope it's not going to the red alert 'cos once i go there, it is so hard to comeback...

Okay, now to turn the subject, an outfit post that i haven't done for quite a long time. This picture is actually not appropriate enough to post to blog because it is just a stupid photo taken impulsively via Blackberry camera during the leisure office-time last Friday        

thrifted shirt // topman red cardigan // acid wash jeans // stripes socks // novel dusty brown shoes

 Totally loving the red couch!
And next, to turn this gloomy post into a brighter one, i'll write a nice announcement. Noel Caleb, a Singapore brand who offers quirky everyday pieces for women has just currently launched its second line called "HONEY IN A ROCK", collaborating with a jewelries maker, Amado Gudek. The rings are such combination of sweetness and edginess. The colours are vivid and vibrant it'd be the statement of your look. The good news is NOEL CALEB is giving a 15% DISCOUNT to my blog readers ! ! !
Simply like their page on facebook by clicking HERE and please do quote (My Brain Malfunction + Noel Caleb) to receive the 15% off when making a purchase through the e-commerce store or you may mail them at

Here is a little sneakpeak! 
Beautiful! Aren't they?

Until the next malfunction box ! ! ! 
 ~Ario Achda~

6 comment:

Kasia M said...

These rings are insane! I want them all!

Cindy Karmoko said...

ih ih ih kamu ko tambah kece si arioooo i miss youuuu.

fhenny said...

oh love your outfit and the couch matches with it
hope you will feel better soon ario!

style frontier

Anonymous said...

what a great ring! and love your look :)

Carissa said...

wooo! that ring is super awesome!!!


Herdiana Surachman said...

ih inget dulu permen cincin, ngalamin gak sih? hahahaha ketauan banget tukang jajan, yg warna kuning hits banget, warna ijo kalo mau lebih hits lagi