Ladies, you should check this brand named 'The Story Of' out ! COOLNESS !!

 this was actually my favorite booth layout of the event!

As you might have known, one of the most anticipated event in town, Brightspot Market, was just held from Thursday to Sunday. Fashion lovers all over Jakarta were undoubtedly excited. Brightspot Market is wellknown for bringing endless lines of great local based brand and always been the melting pot of severely fashionable crowd
Unfortunately, this time, they had a little problem with the aircons. When i was there at the opening night, it was terribly hot that i couldn't handle it. I was inside for only five minutes and almost soaked in sweat
Good thing that they finally worked on it. I was there again by the second day for a meeting with a couple of my friends from LOOKBOOK Jakarta and then again on the third day to attend Diana Rikasari's wedding which was held near the venue, and it was better. Still hot, but BETTER !

So lets continue the picture massacre ! ! ! 

 these two ladies were super lovely and nice, plus they were there with their magical amulet brand, SHAMANISTIC, check one pic below ! ! !
 VERY cute collar from TRU !
 a beautifully structured neck-pieces by Ejja Pahlevi, MOREANDMORE, INKSOMNIA
 Me - Day 1 - accidentally met my friends, Febri Dwi and Elco
 Me - Day two - meeting my great friends, Melody, Amril, Yudhie and Tito (who took the picture)
 Me - Day 3 - after Diana Rikasari's wedding party with these super fun Marcella Caroline, Michelle Hendra and Clara Devi - YES!, i'm THAT tanned ! ! !

So which day that i delivered the best style? LOL
Skipped the day four (finally :p) to help the dear Cindy Diamondhurts with her upcoming ONLY I LOOKBOOK photoshoot so these are all !Too many cool brands and cool people i didn't take pictures of
 Keep it up Brightspot Market. Stay HOT ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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Belvin said...

wow nice post i want goto brightspot market :(

pola katelu said...

COOOOOL! you look so happy, kak (:

Juan Carlos Pajares said...

Great post! :D
thank u for your comment


shamanistic itu bikin ngiler deh aksesorisnya :|

fhenny said...

Awesome awesome!wish i could attend the brightspot market
your 3 days are full of awesomeness as well! haha
by the way where did you take the last post at?


Lucca Yoga said...

Whoaa keren, tahun depan pengen datang. Sukses terus. :D

Pola Katelu said...

i wish, i can meet you kak <3


Karina Dinda R. said...

Great post! Seems fun there ^^

Karina Dinda R. ♥