Born, raised, and live in a country that only has two seasons is a fate i can not choose, but having a dry season all year long is definitely unacceptable! -___-"
I sort of miss those rainy days. Do count off all the trouble of getting my suede shoes wet and stained plus the flood *knock on wood*,  yet apart of that, rainy days do have something different, something so mysterious that it affects our internal emotion. Well, maybe it's a totally subjective point of view, blame on my way-too-strong melancholic side :p
So is this another "RAINY DAYS", the latest collection of PVOMO (@pvomo), a man brand by a friend of mine, Andhika Darmaphermana, who really gave me the chills since its first collection. With various designs of men's shirt (conventional or not), trousers, plus choices of jackets and semi coat, this collection is just as beautiful as those romantic rainy days!!!

Please do take a look!

I never lie, ain't iiiiiii???? I miss rainy days right now even way more than i did !
To know more or purchase, you can always check www.pvomolabel.carbonmade.com
PVOMO  is also available at POP SHOP, Jl. Cimanuk #11, Bandung and maybe will be available soon in   store in Jakarta too
Lets prepare for rainy days to come ! ! !

ps: yesterday was totally windy and i was wearing shorts! (-____-")

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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titaz said...

hehehe kemaren saya juga pakai dress mini, rasanya semwriwiiing :D

salam kenaal :D

michellehendra said...

he looks like a mannequin love! ;;)

AdamAlexMommy said...

you have an amazing bog! love the photography and the fashion choices. great inspiration for a new blogger like me. :) following! :0

have a great wknd!