I should have posted this review probably a month ago., back when me and my friends from LOOKBOOK Jakarta were coming to watch the fashion show from Ade Sagi, one of the most famous Indonesian designers

This collection is named "ALMOST FAMOUS",  telling a story of  how women play hard to be in the game Simply started with refine their outlook that will represents their personality by choosing the right head-to-toe treatment. This collection is full of playful, edgy yet beautiful asymmetrical pieces, which is the main uniqueness of the whole looks. Bold colors, patchwork patterns of texture, combined with fabrics like satin, lace, chiffon and tile ends up as a one step up of another drama in fashion. This loud pieces are definitely for those women who are not afraid of being in the spotlight and play the game !

Ade Sagi also invited some of Indonesian female celebrities as the models on the runway  to open each sequence of the show. It was fresh ! ! !

Dewi Sandra - Ruth Sahanaya 
Titi DJ - Vina Panduwinata
 The controversial Manohara El Pinot (left) 

Thank you Salvi (Ade Sagi's assistant) for the pictures (all taken from Ade Sagi's facebook page)
and thank you again Salvi for inviting us!
And this was US!!!
this blurry picture is courtesy of Adelle, LOL >.<

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~ Ario Achda ~

5 comment:

Allysa Rismaya said...

WOOOOW cool, love all the designs >.<
manoharanya jadi mirip nadine chandrawinata

adelle said...

bajaaaakkkk aaahhh... hehehe
gpp yaaaaa ibu tiriii...

Nixie Pyrena said...

great collection ! pertama ngga ngeh kalo itu Dewi Sandra, dikira model. hahaha :)

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ARIO ACHDA said...

@ allysa: hahaha, masak sih? beda laaahhhh! tapi baju yg dia pake keren yaaa

@ adelle: bajaaaak! sok atuh neng!

@ nixie: dewi sandra jd openingnya. super cool! witty! :p

Rachel Danielle W said...

so cool! lovely photos