You might have heard that word lots of times. I myself use it quite often as well whenever i go blogwalking and find unbelievably inspiring pictures. Unfortunately, now that i think of it, the word has never been said towards me in my almost two years of blogging. This actually sounds ridiculous (-___-"), but i have to admit and realize that eyegasmic photos (almost) never appeared in my blog. Not that i don't see it as an important issue, but simply because i don't have the right camera yet...
These past two years i've been using my dad's pocket camera to blog. Not adequate enough but yeah, quite okay. I did wish for SLR cameras but i don't fancy those bulky SLRs that much either. Then i hardly crave micro 4/3 cameras like OLYMPUS PEN series or NEX series from SONY, yet they come at pricey tag, and i'm still dealing with my piggy bank to go there >.<
Stumbled on this stumbled on that, until yesterday i accidentally found a blogging competition to win a camera, LOMO camera. Dear Merlin's beard! It never came across my mind that LOMO cameras might be the drama i need, and whenever there is a chance to get it for free, i think i'm gonna jump in and get me soaked and wet!

LOMONESIA, the community of LOMO camera lovers in Indonesia is currently ringing the beep beep alarm to call all the bloggers cos they are throwing a blogging competition to win a LA SARDINA PATTERN camera
Wait a sec, what's a LA SARDINA PATTERN camera? Trust me, i never knew and i never cared until i google it so you better pay attention to what i'm about to write !
LA SARDINA is one from many kinds of LOMO Cameras. It is named so, simply because its shape resembles the sardine can (in a much much much much much much much more sophisticated way). They have produced some cameras before and now are coming with the newest four full-patterned ones
Mobius, Quadrat, Domino, and Cubic are designed beautifully, two of them are coming with a flash bulb that is severely adorable, completed with a wide angle lens and quite a queue of interesting features i barely even know. All i'm aware, the most interesting part of them is of course, how their look can compliment my look!!!
Call me a narsisco freak, yet they are such eye candies. I can imagine proudly hang them on me every day and night with big smile. They even inspired the monochromatic me to play a little bit with color

Here are how the would color me !


Please don't bother me, my poses, what i wear and cheap looking high saturated pictures, but THESE cameras are definite EYEGASMIC, all capitals! ! !
Joining the competition is just a part of how i'd love to share these too-lovely-to-be-true cameras
Winning one is undoubtedly will be the perfect icing on the cake !
You can never blame a cat who's hungry for sardines :)
You still have one more day to join the competition! click HERE for more details!!!
And my last message to all the LOMONESIA crew is:


Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

4 comment:

michellehendra said...

you look soooooo! vibrant! ;) sardina!!!!! hahaha i want one for myself too! ;;)



keceeee beneeer! your smileee ga tahaaan.. hehee. I miss my lomo... aaaa iyaa have to meet up :( miss yaa!

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ michelle and olin : ahahaha. these two ladies are superb! missin u girls muchhhh!!!

Rahel Stephanie said...

Was just browsing through entries and came across yours.
Fantastic post, love it!
Good luck on the comp