Good afternoon, malfunctioned people! So this is the first time i'm blogging in the afternoon while fasting this year
My hands might be touching all over this keyboard, but my mind is drown under the ocean of fresh fruit juices! LOL
Well, lets just get it over by writing and sharing a new story. Not exactly new cos you might have seen it on these two lovely ladies' blog, Clara Devi and Cindy Karmoko
A couple of previous post before, i wrote about having a little batik session with Cindy Karmoko and Evita Nuh at the Tik Shirt, Level One, Grand Indonesia (you can check the complete post here). After that fun batik lesson, i and Cindy then met this super vintage blogger from Yogyakarta, Clara Devi (i call her Claire)
We talked and laughed A LOT! ! ! It was very interesting because the three of us were carrying different kind of style. I mean, you know how Cindy mostly dressed up in big platform heels and red lips, then Claire with her vintage twist, and i'm only the preppy boy next door (>,<)

These photos are to show the excitement !

 wearing one of my favorite item in my closet, polka dot shirt - SATCAS

 Cindy left us for church - God knows she's blessed :) - and there was only me, Claire, plus her two lovely girlfriends who kindly shot most of these pictures. Claire brought that big bag along because she's heading to airport and flew to Hongkong *nailbite*

To close this post i'd like to share that there were two big lessons i learned that day
1. Preserve our very own heritage so other countries will not claim them *this is related to the batik post*
2. Never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, do not judge a blogger by the blog! LOL. I wrote this because before i met Claire, i thought she was a very lady-like girl who happens to believe in vintage fashion in her blood. Turned out that she is NOT! Well, yes she does have the vintage blood, but lady-like? NO! She is so hilarious, harsh-mouthed sometimes and full with attitude, but frankly, LOADS of fun. Please do forgive me Claire for spreading this issue, but i know Cindy is behind my back ! *right, Cindy?*  :p

Totally great day ! Bear hugs for Claire and Cindy ! ! !

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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miamanson said...

you guys seem to spend leisure time well ;) i laughed reading 'Please do forgive me Claire for spreading this issue, but i know Cindy is behind my back ! *right, Cindy?*' LOL :)

ChiChi81 said...

Looked like you had a very lovely time out with Claire and Cindy. Such a fun-filled afternoon with your friends. And I totally agree with your two big lessons, especially the first one. We must preserve and uphold our heritage ;)



t a l i s h a said...

looks like you guys had so much fun at marche :D a bloggers meet-up is always something to look forward to :)

Cindy Karmoko said...

ahahaha i just saw this post ario!! your statements are totally trueeee. *peace+hugstoclaire

Lola Finn said...

This blog is so creativ and cool! Love it!

your native heart said...

just wanted to say that I like the collar on your super cute polka dotted shirt


AAAA! I want this meeting!! :(( pretty, please... you guys are so cuteee <3

ARIO ACHDA said...

thanks girls, it was indeed such a great day :) may you all have a wonderful days too!!!!

claradevi said...

I haven't give my comment here.
I'm not that harsh!!
I'm a shy one *wink*