Purified. That's what they say about Iedl Fitri, a holy day for Moslem after one whole month of fasting, from food, drink, desire, and rage. Tough days, i must admit, and having God erased your sins right at this victory day sounds like a great deal to me. However, even if i'd managed not to break any of my fastings through the whole Ramddhan (today is the last day), I barely feel better nor purer
I even in a bit mood of being sarcastic during this holy day (God, if this is wrong, please forgive my clumsiness and my emotional fluctuation)

"May this holy day blesses all the bastards :)"

I 'm wishing everyone who celebrate Iedl Fitri a happy day filled with warmth and love with the whole family. It's time to FEAST ! ! ! !

p.s: I'll be start working by September 5th. This is me last free week! Please do wish me luck for  the job, may God erased my clumsiness and insomnia >.<

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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bethannyputri said...

aw aw aw makacih ganteng udh main"ke blog akuuh :* kangeeeeen

Cindy Karmoko said...

awww ario so sweet banget commentnya, congrats for your new job ariooo i miss you, amril and olin >.<

piapia said...

You looks awesome on Looks Man this month.. :) nice shoots.. wish you luck for the job !

Eva Silviana said...

Nice post! Happy Iedl Fitr anyways :)

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