Hey, it is the last day before Ramadhan (fasting month) for moslems, so i just thought that i had to post anything today in the afternoon while i still can having a snack and cold drinks and blogging :)

By the way, anybody is familiar already with THE BLANC NOTES ?
It is a fashion blog focuses on Indonesia's serious street style photography that's been running since June
A couple week ago, just the time i found their blog and put a comment or two,  i received an e-mail, saying that they would like to interview me and post it to their blog
I was like "wow, sure! what a nice coincidence, i just found ur blog :p"

It is always exciting and flattering knowing that there are few people who are interested in this malfunctioned personal blog of mine. LOL
And yesterday, i just had their latest e-mail, saying that the interview is done and posted!

Here it is...print screen print screeeeennn!!!!!

To read the whole interview please do click here and check their fine and fun photos
I have also found that they interviewed Talisha Quinta behind the Ribbonyboo, such a great one to read!
Thank you to Annisa and Astriani from THE BLANC NOTES, may you grow your blog into one of the finest and inspiring local fashion blogs ! !

ps: Have a wonderful Ramadhan people *imagining how starving and dehidrating i would be tomorrow, this time* >.<

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

4 comment:

Rebecca Clairine said...

Awesome picture !


Dika Abriyan said...

hi kak ario,
selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa ya :)

btw, congrats fot the featured, you're the best

Joel said...

Nice post. Well, I've been following your blog since a few months ago and spot that you are very good in fashion sense. It's okay right? if I ask you about what kind of wears that a people with medium or large size of body should wear or what suits their best. I see here, that Mr. Ario's street wear is just for small or xsmall body size. I appreciate if you can give some advise. :)

Danny Liem said...

congratulations Ka Ario! you're truly an inspiration :)