Korean attack! ! !
*God, forgive me, i don't even know the spelling and what they mean* :p
God also knows that these past years, many of us have been embracing (if not obsessing) those Korean things
 Started from the rotation of Asian TV series. From Japan to Taiwan and now Korea has significantly took the fame rank. Then followed by the music which influenced the birth of the boyband/girlband phenomenon in Indonesia, and of course, to the fashion that is now so trending everywhere, thanks to shopping online via facebook. Honestly, i have never been one of those people who's suffering the fever (except for the shopping online thingy, tee hee :p), but right now i'm just still in a euphoria of Korean wave !

Big "thanks" to Imela Kei (@imela_kei), the front woman of ten2five band who is now preparing to give birth to her first solo (and idealist project) solo album, whose one of her upcoming MV is carrying the Korean TV series ambience (she even pushed me to watch "Playful Kiss" as a material to learn the styling -___-"). The song, entitled "Semenjak Kita Putus" - Since We Broke Up - in my opinion is, by far, the lightest and catchiest song from her album, the kind of song that fans of ten2five -and every pop music lover- can really like easily

Overall, the video tells about Imel, an ordinary girl who is overly obsessed with her ex boyfriend whom she broke up with a year ago, so obsessed that everyone she sees seem to have the face of her ex ! LOL
I don't want to spoil the story line any further. Lets just enjoy it together when it's all done!

Directed by Peny Pujiati (@penypujiati) with her super co-workers and crew, this video is going to be a VERY entertaining one. Bright, dreamy, comical, sweet and romantic at the same time, just the type of Korean TV series people would easily fall for. I personally love the concept and the execution we did to bring the Korean vibe. Cute props, cute wardrobe, cute settings, cute models, cute stories, cute everything ! !

The video was shot back at July, 29th and 30th, but i am still living the butterflies
They were just another great working days

Take a look and (please) feel free to feel the same !!! \(^o^)/

Muffin: I am the DOGZILLA ! ! ! RAAAAWWWRRRR ! ! ! ! !

 yippie ! ! !

Owh, and just to be repetitive, the album is named "SE.LAN.TA", filled with 7 tracks, collaborating with 7 artists and there will be the whole 7 music videos!  If God permits i would be involved in each of them! >.<
This video is featuring MASSROMANTIC, the band that Imel collaborated with (totally love Abe, the vocalist's voice) and the lovely talents, Stephen Yonathan, Julia Agil, and Rikas Harsa

To view how different this video from what we have shot before, do check the BTS of Imel's previous video shoot called "MY FAVORITE MISTAKE", please click here and here

KAMSA HAMIDA ! ! OPPA OPPA ! ! ! *okay, slap and stop me NOW!* LOL

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !

~Ario Achda~

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your native heart said...

this looked like so much fun! please post the final video once it's done because it looks like it'd be super cute. anyway thanks for the warm wishes - I loved jakarta and I can't wait to go back (and maybe spend more time there because I didn't get to see much of the city - only shopping malls).

ChiChi81 said...

Ahhh the K-pop phenomenon, I am still infected by it lol Such a lovely set, and the clothes look great! very K-pop indeed ;)And I love the Hello Kitty bike argh >.< nearly all the pics scream 'Kawaii!' haha wish I could watch the video.

BTW, Anyeoseo means 'hello' and Oppa means 'big brother' ;) hehe



M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

cool! itu dijakarta kan? kaya di korea beneran >.< can't wait to see the final result :)

HS said...

pretttttt ario, iya ya baru nyadar sebesar itu, tp apa lo gak liat pipi kiri kanan gw boobs semua hahahaha *brb pake korset*


Anonymous said...

Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?

miamanson said...

great photos! btw model yg pake baju abu-abu itu juara L-Men bukan ya? I've met him while dancing contest in Jakarta. he is one of audience *membayangkan mengelus dada packs nya :p nice post!
it seems lately I always comment your blog. hahaha: D

Tara said...

woahhh i love all photos in this post Ario, miripppppp banget kayak di Korea ya , cool !!!!! i love Imel voice :)

Peny said...

ahhh keren kamu bikin BTS-nyah... wait....koq ga ada gw? -____-'

Peny said...

ehhh ada gw dengg... *sakingtipisnyahampirgakliatan*

RamonMiron said...

Thnks :)



KAWAII! *ga nyambung! seem you had so much fun ario! :D Imel looked so cute! yg cowo jg. *loh? hahhaa!
I love the combination of your sock and shoes! <3

Lola Finn said...

Hey :)
Thank you soooo much for visiting me! I´´m sorry bu I do not know the designer. The editorial was in Vogue Japanese this year!


stephanie gracia said...

it seems like you had such a great time! and nice blog, just followed you :)

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog
if you want we can be followers

costra y ampolla said...

Hi Ario!!!

Love all the hello kitty madness!!


Caroline Robianto said...

Annyeong Ario Oppa :D annyeong means hello, oppa tuh kyk panggilan dari adik cewe ke kakak laki2 ;P

lovely pictures rioo :D


AuL Howler said...

come here!

after a looong looong time.
missing me?

Buset dah bang Aryo itu keren banget foto2nyaa...

that means the MV will be cool too, right?

Gasabar pengen liat.

Btw, are u the one who costumize this MV? or the outfits only?

michelle_ said...

LOL with that korean remark at the end haha.. i love the idea of replacing your faces with the printed paper face haha..
cute pink bike and doggie as well :)

www.glisters and blisters.com

AuL Howler said...


you never hear it??

it's my own vocab...

Costumize = Customize the costume


Evelyn Halim said...

korean fever.. seems that u had so much fun there!

xx stilettonizer

derek said...

Korea has a huge influence on asia right now it's kinda crazy.
But this looks really cute and super cute photos!!

Antonia said...

Simply LOVE your pictures!

Anonymous said...

When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !

Karina Dinda R. said...

Great post! 감사합니다 오빠 ^^

Nces ♥

felix said...

wow awesome pictures and outfits!! Visit my blog: http://entertainment-scrapbook.blogspot.com/