As i have written in a couple previous posts before, starting from September 5th i'll be saying goodbye to freelance work and start working full-time. Ever since i graduated last year, i've never done a full-time job, so i'm a bit nervous yet anxiously excited 
Best thing from my job is probably that i don't have to wear uniform to work, not even a formal attire and that's a BIG YEAY!
So secretly (not a secret anymore) i've been pushing myself to have a "what to wear for work" plan and compromising some new twist

if you feel like giving it a +1, feel free to click here !!! :)

I wear two of my "current-affair-items", the jhodpur pants and the neon lime green wrist armor (from the super fab Cindy DIAMONDHURTS). Never wear things this way before but i feel like this look still has my character injection so imma flaunt it anytime soon. May this character of mine helps me through the works !!!

Have a lovely SEPTEMBER, people!!!! Lets pray for a little rain so we could use some layers to our outfit! teehee

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

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ChiChi81 said...

Good luck with the full time job! And I just absolutely adore your outfit for work. I, too, am free to wear what I want to wear for work haha I love that perk :)


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Sabila Anata said...

Wiii goodluck to ur new job! Let's celebrate! Haha iyaa selamat lebaran juga yaa ka maaf telat hehe tenaang pasti aku maafin kesalahanmu ko :') huahua

stephanie gracia said...

nice shoes :) awesome post!

Katherine Tirtawijaya said...

I love the pants! nice! :)

Allysa Rismaya said...

good luck kak ario :D
by the way love your shoes


michellehendra said...

you know i always love you and your style!


AndilineThea said...

Good luck for your full-time job kak Ario, gaji pertama traktir ya! (siapa lo siapa gue?) hahaha :D

Caroline Robianto said...

love your shoes :D


Belvin said...

wow actually love ur shoes!

Belle Armed said...

congratz on the job! and hey, that outfit is AMAZING! you look great.

Florence said...

awesome pictures! great outfit here!
followed ya



Katherine Tirtawijaya said...

thanks for the comment :)
bukan petite ami, itu beli di toko lokal surabaya koq :p
want to exchange link? :P


yeaaay! congrats ariooo! :D
btw i loveee your shoesss!
Good luck for ur career :*

Steffie.Zaoryan said...

love the shoess there! :)


michelle_ said...

i love that wrist armor ! and the pants look cooler when they're scrunched up :D

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Anonymous said...

ario selamat ya buat kerjaannya !:) good luck for everything.
love your shoes

Gabriella Olivia said...

I love the green wrist armor! Its so cuteee and absolutely a must-have item!

felix said...

what a fashionable outfit! I like! :D

juanthegarage@gmail.com said...

hi ---nice shocking neon braclet !!!!
love your style

juan, kuala Lumpur

Nixie Pyrena said...

love your outfit ! esp the pants. gluck buat full-time jobnya :D

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Patrick Wilde Welde said...

Really nice pictures , i like !

L said...

that neon lime green wrist is an eye catcher! uber cool!