SISTER's boys

Followers of my twitter must be familiar with that tag cos i always insert it everytime i tweet my latest blog post
This post is gonna be no different, cos i'm about to shamelessly publish my small "appearance" in a magazine *yes, shame on me for keep on publishing such things :p*
This time is SISTER magazine, JUST before the bikini articles *LOL*, me and five other boys are in the same page entitled "ENCYCLOFASHION - Boys & Fashion"
The article shows each person with each of their personal thoughts about fashion
Here are the pictures \(^o^)/

 it's 3rd anniversary edition, HBD SISTER!
 me and five other boys sharing two pages! :)
a closer look of my part

Me, Ario Achda - Androgynous Preppy (^.^) is happy to be sharing the same page with five other great-looking boys, Dany Putra Pratama - Vintage Rock, Febri Dwi Suseno - Uniquely Quirky, Edy Ringgit - Casual Retro, Helmi Hazairin Firdaus - Vintage Fella, and last but not least my very own bestmate, Amril Ardi - Man In Black. Yippieee~~~!!!

Thank You SISTER magazine, may you never lose your sisters

Until the next jabbering box ! ! ! 
~Ario Achda~

20 comment:

Lucca Yoga said...

After "Men's Folio", now on "Sister" magazine. Wow there will be another :)

Lucca Yoga

Joy and Amore said...

congrats for the featured :) you always look great

Diana caitilin said...

congrats for the featured ario. yes i'll keep my headgear for you!lol

riestya arum permata said...

congarts :)
you deserve to get that <3


Adam said...

so brilliant-congrats
And im dying for the fish on your blog

Tara said...

woahhhh hebat deh bisa feature lg di majalah, envy :)

HS said...

duhhhh keren ya kakak preppy yang satu ini, mau dong saya nongkrong dimajalah gitu juga >_< hehehe

keep up the good work ario, good luck all the way and believe someday you will hit TOKYO STREETS awesomely


Cindy Karmoko said...

congrats aryoooo kece banget fotonyaaa

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

weiits canggih bener deh ario.. congratulations! :) btw suka banget sama foto yang close up pake police hat! >,<

Lisa and Kirana said...

hehehe thank you kak birthday wishes nya :)) wow, featured in magazine! congrats kak ariooo!!! semoga makin sering muncul di majalah :))

ARIO ACHDA said...

aaaaahhh, thank u so much guyssss :') hugs!

Joy and Amore said...

hahaha yup ada bbrp org yang bilang mirip cinta laura tp aslinya mah beda bgt kok :D

Sari_Hime said...

No other than "Selamat~"...(^__^)
You are living on your dream.

maria said...

i like your blog, it´s really nice:)
i will follow you, if you follow me:

F i K a said...

aw aw aw..congrats for the featured yo!! kereen fotonyaa :D

michelle_ said...

cihuiiii asikkkk masuk majalah :D
congrats for the feature !!

www.glisters and

Nidya Indah Utari said...

Hi Ario, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comment.
Congrats to you too to be the winner of the blogging contest hehe.. Kalo gue, vouchernya udah diambil dan udah dipake sampe abisss hahaha..
Actually, I'm a silent reader of your blog since one and a half years ago. I love your style, really :)
and honestly that was me who sent you trademark market private opening party invitation hehe.. but too bad you can't come.
Anyway, nice to know you, ario! xx


nadyagita said...

wooww you're so cool!
congrats for being featured on Sister magazine! :)
thanks for your comment on my blog anyway, I'm so flattered :p ya many people told me that I look like ashanti haha but she's much more pretty!
and you're right, I was on Nidya's project, Blithe. haha really nice to know you! :D

Jessica Paramartha said...

wow congrats for featured on Sister's magazine.. you look so damn cool on that picture hehe.. :)

smoga sukses terus ya ka dan bisa muncul di majalah lainnya :D

i'm your new followers now hehe will you visit mine? and nice blog by the way


Dika Abriyan said...

congrats kak aryoooo, keren :))