Hello malfunctioned people ! ! ! It's been quite awhile, eh?
How have you been ? hope it's been great for everyone of you
Me ? I've been actually running out of material to blog for ! but not anymore because i'd like to share something that is personally exciting \(^o^)/

hop hop hop ! ! !
Probably like two or three weeks ago, me and my bestmate worked on another styling project for SONY Music Indonesia
This time is for a photoshoot session of a singer named TASYA who used to be a famous kid pop star in Indonesia with her song "Anak Gembala" (Sheperd girl - i'm not quite sure of my translation skill anyway >.<), but I'm sure all the Indonesian reader must be familiar with her and her songs

She's been diving the entertainment world since she was 4 y.o and now that she's 18, she'd like to make a comeback with her fresh teenager image
Her manager said that they still want Tasya to look fresh like 15 y.o teenager instead of breaking the market with adult kind of image,  so we were working on LOTS of candy colors which actually fits her perfectly !

These next pictures are from the "Behind The Scene"

 All BTS photos by Ali DESTROY, all the done photos are NEXT post as soon as i get them :)

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

8 comment:

Lisa and Kirana said...

OMG, cool banget kak ario! B) aaaaaaaaaaaa looovvveeeeee your pants!!!!

Lucca Yoga said...

Does Tasya will issue a new album? wohooo I was curious to see the results.

Lucca Yoga


kyaaaa ario amril makinnn melebarkan sayap! supercool darling! miss you so badddd :)

Antonia said...

love your pictures! - now you got a new follower :*

Sari_Hime said...

Tasya looked cute. You have are living in your dream, Jii-san. hahahaha...(^___^)

Jessica Paramartha said...

tasya look so beautiful in here.. and of course die for your pants ka ario :D you're cool!

thanks for your comment too on my blog :)


nadyagita said...

Tasya is a grown up girl now!
she's my junior at my elementary school, used to see her as a little girl :p
great job, Ario! she's gorgeous :D

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ Lisa and Kirana: ahahaha makasi girls!

@ Lucca: hai Lucca! iya, she's coming up with her new album, i've heard new single! so catchy! u're gonna love it! :p

@ Oline: gyahahaha, doakan kami berdua ya ibu tiri!!!

@ Antonia: wow thanks a lot girl!

@ Sari: amin, Sari. didoain ajaaaa

@ Jessica: aaaw, it was not a big deal jessica! sama2 terima kasih buat komennya. makasih juga pujian buat celananya. lol

@ Nadya: o yaaaa??? iya dia cute bgt duluuu. skrg udah gede tp masih imut2 sih... :p