Okay, after the super candy cute Tasya, i will lead you on a "different" kind of cute from Imela Kei
The first time i saw these stuffs from her blog, i was like "WICKED!!!"
It's an amazing collaboration of three women. Imela Kei, Penny the photographer and Marina Sitohang the MUA
Imel referred these works as a tribute to Rick Genest, who is also well-known as the Zombie Boy that you might have seen in "Born This Way" video by Lady Gaga or Mugler's campaign
I say, it is a tribute of JUST PURRRRRRRRFECT art ! ! !

And this last one is my favorite!

from the darkest thought of Imela Kei
Model : Imela Kei
MUA: Marina Sitohang
Photo + Retouch : Peny Pujiati

Yes, I ain't put "Beautiful Corpse" as the title of this post for nothing, did i?

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
 ~Ario Achda~

5 comment:

HS said...

wowowowuwooowuwoooo gw seperti ada di shownya Mugler

buat foto album gitu ya? ih seru juga ya mukanya di lukis2 gitu


Lalita Tian said...

whoaaa the makeup really looked like the gaga's born this way video clip

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ Herdi: hahaha, iya seru banget ya! mau juga >.< . bukan ini bukan buat album, lebih ke "iseng2" kayanya. hahahaa

@ lita: indeed!!! yaaa not bad at all yaaaaa! super cool!!!

Susan said...

first time here :D
cooool make up!! The last pic looks like Gaga's mv <3

Irvina said...

itu ngelukisnya pake apaan yak -_-