I love taking pictures even if i have ZERO (if it's not minus) skill in photography
 These were taken during me and family's pilgrimage trip in 2010
Maybe i have posted it before last year but i picked the best ones (there's always the best from the bad ones)
Makkah and Madina , apart from its screaming heat, is actually a really exotic place

desert, camel, dates, beads, pashminas, and lots of interesting things
I was literally amazed by the beautifully structured mosque and of course, its religious history
To be witnessing them was a blessing
These are just some happy-go-lucky point-and-shoot photos of the landscapes and buldings

 *all photos were taken by Canon IXUS 980 IS 

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Rio said...

Nice tone..
Bukan sinetron apa ya artinya?

Rufus † said...

great shots there! :D

kristiyana shinta said...

nice shoot :)
love to see all of them :)

Carissa said...

still it's a worthy shots <3

Yonas Indrajaya said...

whoaaa nice pics!

TeriRaharjo said...

keren :)
semakin membuat saya ingin pergi kesana

UNEJ said...

Wouwww very-very Great images, thanks for share.
UNEJ Jember.

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ rio: tonenya sih sotosop yo! haha. canggih ya, "bukan sinetron" di bis arab!

@ rufus, shinta, carissa, yonas, UNEJ: terima kasih very much! :')

@ koko: ahahaha, mau ke sana??? nanti diceritain deh biar siap mental d sana! lol

Yoga Pradistya said...

The best photograph ,gue juga suka photography.lain kali kita sharing foto

Reevo Saulus said...

Ario !

Seriously I have a year Photography education on my university and as a so-called zero skill of photography, I do love this photo sets ! Keren kok :D

And thanks for the comment on my page ! Appreciate it :-)

Lisa and Kirana said...

cool pictures! i can't believe you took this pictures with a camera digital and it looks like you took this with a dslr one!!! cool Ario! :D


Kartika Brand said...

This is amazing! I hope I can visit there one day!