Feels like just known the Blogger Yard Sale Part 1 yesterday, It's been held 6 time already now
I'm thankful for being a part of it back in BYS part 3 and 4+. Now that i'm no longer participating, the gig to me, was all about meeting old friends. Yes, so i went to the BYS part 6, last Friday, March 25th (It was a two-days-event) and met some of my old fellow bloggers
A little bit sad to hear that some who i'd expected to meet were not there, but it's still fun
To be honest i didn't even really see what they sold, i was too busy saying hi and hugged everyone. LOL

Here are some photos. I have to apologize that i took very bad pictures that day
I only took some of the participating bloggers

Fifi Alvianto and Anne
the cool and boyish Lalita Tian ! haha
The always colorful Glinka - Gurinka Cloud
It's You-Know-Who in blogsphere, aight?, Diana Rikasari
Sabila Anata and sister
Manda of Moimoiselle. Just met her for the first time :)
Naila Rifika ! Totally nice on the first met ! :)
And it's my muse, Marcella Caroline !!!
She's definitely fun!
We finally ended up having coffee together and lots of talking!
thanks for the pictures, sweet!

 So, yes, you don't see Sonia, Shila, June and some others
But it was a great day and i kinda envy them cos it's really nice to be in the event and talk with lots of new people
Well, lets see if someday i'll join this thing again! :)

Next thing to do: HAIRCUT!!!!

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

10 comment:

Cindy Karmoko said...

aaaa i love your necklace so much! those pictures are lovely btw... will become your new follower in a few minutes ha!

Diana caitilin said...

uhhh i miss yard sale! you look so cute ario.Lol

Cindy Karmoko said...

YUP i'm sonia's friend, thanks for your super lovely comment on my blog!! we should meet up on the 7th blogger's yardsale and take a bunch of pictures together!

uchie suci utami apsari said...

how was it?crowd bgt gak?
i love your outfit anyway:)

Lisa and Kirana said...

hey Ario, thanks for comment on our blog :) yeah, i know what you mean, we kinda have a different style and we are bestfriend :) by the way, you are so inspiring!

Fariz.Rokhanudin said...

Yg k'6 ya????yg syang gw k'jkarta blan april.....klo april ad ngk yo????

Tara said...

suka banget sma stylenya Ario, simple tapi kelihatan beda, tasnya bagussssss :)

F i K a said...

Hi ario..finally visit your blog for the 1st time..thank you to visit mine too :)
it was really nice to meet you in person..and I also like your style :)

anw,itu yang disebelah fifi namanya anne..hehe


thank you darling, see you soon yaaa!

p.s: you got your style! <3

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ cindy: YES!!! we should meet and take LOTTTSSS of pictures! haha

@ diiiyn: owh, thank you diiiyn, i miss you deh! lol

@ uchie: hmm, waktu aku datang sih ngga begitu kok. ga tau ya sabtunya. hohoho. makasih uchie >.<

@ lisa and kirana: hey, that complimnet is too much! haha, thanks girls!!! :p

@ fariz: wah kayanya sih ada riz, tp tanggal berapa ngga tau deh mudah2an aj pas lo d sini. haha

@ tara: ah, taraaaaa. bisa saja *sok malu2* hahaha. thanks ya >.<

@ kak fika: ih, makasih ya kak, ini fotonya aku bajak. seneng deh kl liat hijabers kece2. hohoho

@ olin: see you next time oliiinn!!!! lainkali kita ampe curhat beneran kali yaaaaa. siap2 tissue! :)) hugs!