Every once in a while, there's always a boy who doesn't feel enough with plain tee, jeans and sneakers
I turned out to be one of those special boys. I wear more than that. WAY more, in fact
I am definitely aware of the risk of my very subjective decision. The  look, or the stare, or THE GAZE at me

Some people might find it as a turn on, not with me, i tend to be very intimidated and alienated
This kind of feeling will only be gone if i share the same state of freakiness with these people
Ones who share the same interests, same kind of lust, and probably same problem *or not*
It's always playful with them, goofy, and, yes, diverse ! ! !

Thank you Adelle for sharing some of the photos

 Loads of hugs to Amril, Jensen, Adelle, Intan, Yudhie, Toge, and Dion who only came for 5 minutes then left for a date!We still cursed you for that by the way...
I intentionally linked their account to each of their name, suppose you feel like you wanna know more of them while you could check mine here :p #shamelesspublication
I'm really hoping to meet them soon and more more more !
With them, there's no reason not to mingle...lets blend in ! ! !

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

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Lucca Yoga said...

God created each creature different and unique. Sometimes I also feel intimidated to see a reaction of people who do not understand what I do. but there is always a friend who understands. I really like the necklace.

Arnold Teja said...

SO much fun!! I love your necklace btw :)

miamanson said...

i love the tone of your photo ario! ;)
is that adelle from sillysmart? hahaha.
kalau ke Jakarta jalan brg yukk bok!

Cindy Karmoko said...

you're unique and fabulous in your own way!!! people always stare at me as if I'm a monster everytime i wear my 5"+ heels too! screw them let us be wonderful and live our life to the fullest! nice pants btw aryo!

J said...

be different is great I think!

Journal J


Awwwwww such a cute photos! ah Achda,.. how dare you to not put me on your "Indonesian Gents' Malfunctioning" List????? *geeezzzz

PS: Gini² aku masih punya darah Indonesia dari nyokap loh *mojok di pojokan gara² ngga di anggep

Love & Smooch
Beny Ricardo Sadewo
Indonesian Gents' Malfunctioning

H-S said...

so this is what we called lookbookers? hehehe

how Marche? belom pernah kesana nih huahahahah *pingsan*

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

finally.. cardigannya di pake juga haha! and i love your pants ario.. itu beli dimana!? i want it >.<

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ Lucca Yoga: yes, i agree. having friends who understand us is a blessing! hahhaha. oh, the necklaces are my best friend's. cool, huh? :)

@ arnold: hey kiddo! thanks, it was fun indeed! oh, they're not mine! it's my bestfriend's! hahaha

@ mia: yes, its her!!! hahaha, oh yes, please!

@ cindy: oh, such great supportig words. everyone need that! haha. thanks cindy!!! ps: ur awesome in ur heels!

@ J: yes, i am proud to be different even when it's hard sometimes! :p

@ beny: ahahaha, udah lama ga update layout blog. nanti ya kl d update lagi. :)

@ H-S: hahahaha, no. we are just a bunch of young ppl who happened to know each other from lookbook *ya itu sama aja lookbooker ya? :p*. Oh it was my first time juga di! it's quite nice kok!!!

@ echa: ahahaha, iya, dipake sebentar :p. itu (x)s.m.l cha. uda lama banget. jodphur sbnrnya. cm pas d foto karena tangan masuk kantong jd agak beda ya. :p

Koinonia said...

wow cool :) really really cool hehehe said...

your post looks super fun, it's funny coz we have a marche in toronto but they all of them have been renamed rich tree (which sounds horrible haha)


everyone is so stylish!!

ARIO ACHDA said...

@ hai, thanks for visiting! rich tree? hahaha, maybe that's what marche means for in some language? hahaha

@ fashion ice: super thanks!!! honored!

fhenny said...

Looking good in the outfit Ario!! Love it much. Don't worry you're just fabulous the way you are! Fashion is bout expressing your true self isn't it?
and all of your friends look very stylish as well


Fariz.Rokhanudin said...

Didaerah mna yo????tpi bkan blogg yard sale kan???????????
have fun.....
mank pling asyik klo kmpul ma tmn2 sejiwa seperjuangan....hehehe......

adelle veronica said...

waw ... so many comments yaa hahahahah!!!

kece deh kak ario .... kpn temu kece lagii??