W.T.W 01

W.T.W = What To Wear ???
This post will emerge whenever i need second (to one hundredth) opinion from all of you about what kind of mix and match i should do with that item, or etc. I like to style myself and others, but perharps, it'd be fun as well to be styled by you :)

I do think that some people at some moments tend to be very impulsive that we buy things and then leave it untouched in the closet. Do you experience the same thing? Please say yes cos if you don't then i'll feel so bad :( LOL

So, once i told you that i like to "play barbie" and try things out from my closet, and one day there i was, finding some things that i bought for QUITE some time ago yet i haven't worn them at all
Poor them, don't they?

Like this (virgin) cardigan. Well, MAXI cardigan from oneandahalf which i fell for

Beautiful, isn't it??? I really want to wear this but now that each day i embrace more and more of my preppy side, will i rock this one? i'm not so sure...
Now, any opinion, what to wear this but stay preppy???
I think it's gonna be fun to imagine all your suggestions

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

7 comment:

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

you should mix that maxi cardigan with, black t-shirt+khakis summer short+loafers+bowler hat


Anonymous said...

try with tank top and skinny.hehe:)

Reevo Saulus said...

Try monochromatic, Ario :D

H-S said...

white shirt, skinny black pants, dr.martens leather boots, leather tote bag, fedora and then sorry, I have changed you to look like Evita Nuh...jiahahaha

eh tapi beneran, paling ambil putih, celana item, loafer item. ato kalo mau ekstrim ya pake floral.

oh iyah soal kamera DSLR, gw sih kalo denger org yg ngerti foto mereka lebih cenderung ke canon sama nikon, tp lagi2 masalah lensa-nya sih, kalo mau canon paling lo bisa ambil seri 550D ya, yg basic2 aja dulu kao nikon seri 70xxx apa gitu... selamat membeli dan terus jaya

yiqin; said...

its indeed beautiful :D

ARIO ACHDA said...

dear everyone: THANKS A LOT for the feedback. i feel like i know what i'm going for already :p hugs!!!

Lisa and Kirana said...

I do buy a lot of stuff and then i never wear it! :((
and this comment maybe too late but hope its still works for you. try with a shirt and a 1/2 legs pants (i don't know how to say it in English correctly)and a socks with a loafers :D btw, beautiful maxi cardigan!!!